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I'm trying to make a "Gender Race" (A commonly seen forum game in many forums), but each time I create a thread, a moderator keeps locking it or moving it.

I'd like to know what's wrong with having a "Gender Race" thread in the Forum Games board.

Thanks in advance.
Zakumi said:
I THINK we already have one

We did until said mod locked it.
That's because the game was at the point where I thought it ended, I even asked people if they thought I should lock it and they said yes. I locked the second one because I didn't see how it would get anywhere. And I moved the third one because you were trying to piss me off with most of it (i.e "Nerdy Guy is stupid" [which is now edited over], inb4rage, etc.), which made it somewhat spam. Though I'm sorry for giving my DSi the finger locking/moving them in the first place.