Channels You Wish You Had

Super Mario Bros.

Oh boy! Haha!
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Super Mario Bros.
The name says it all. What television channels do you not have, but wish that you did?

I wish I had Cartoon Network. I had it up until very recently, and now it's gone. I always loved watching Pokémon, but now I can't. :(
I wish I had the Science Channel, Boomerang to watch the original Pokémon series, and Cartoon Network to watch the new episodes.

My brain still wakes me up at 7am on Saturdays and since I don't have Cartoon Network, I get bored.
Boomerang. That's pretty much the only channel missing that I want. :(
SMB said:
I'd love to have Boomerang. It would all be coming back to me if I had it. :(
I have Boomerang at the summer home.

I have basic cable at home and digital at the summer home.
Boomerang, Discovery, and National Geographic.

I only have about 13 (all of which are local), though, so pretty much any channel would be nice to have.
Man, I missed watching Movies that Don't Suck on G4. They had all the cool Bruce Lee ones.
For a long time I wished I had NFL Network.

My wish was granted early last summer. :)

I guess I sorta wish I had NFL RedZone.
Ugozima said:
I wish I had The Science Channel, I wanna watch that show narrated by Morgan Freeman.
I wish I had ESPN Goal Line, but Comcast(Xfinity) doesn't get that.
Wish I had the NHL Center Ice package instead of just the free preview (at least the free preview is two and a half weeks).