a mario kart wii beta element


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well...i have found in spriters resource in the character icon sheet a hammer bro, paratroopa (looks glitchy) and petey piranha character icons, i trough it was fake...but then i saw a video of hacking...and also a icon of what it was going posibly going to be a third mii suit

here is the sheet

Credit to: Girratacos for uploading this amazing discovery


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No, Zakumi. It is beta. He said so, and IIRC other people have found the same thing.


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He ripped it from the game, which means it's official.

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Oaktown Mojo said:
Doesn't this belong in Marioverse or Fan Creations or something?


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Ralphfan if we were gonna move it we would have by now. Please don't mini-mod. Beta elements pertain to the wiki.