What is your homework for today?


Seems so long ago.
This is just another one of those threads.

Well, I don't have any homework tonight.
I had to do lesson 7-1 and 7-2 in my math workbook.

7-1 was 2-Step Equations and 7-2 was Multi-step Equations.

Pretty easy stuff.
I'm on spring break. 8)
For the weekend I have some Science homework related to half-lives and I also have Math homework which involves finding the area of irregular shapes.
Let's make a list:

1. Make video for the Tuesday Night Live show (my school's version of SNL).
2. Write a short but ridiculously deep essay.
3. Do a lab write-up for Chemistry because my lab partner is USELESS.
4. Write some ridiculously complex sentences for use in ridiculously deep essays.
5. Read sections in The Scarlet Letter or Pride and Prejudice.
6. Do some math work with obscure graphs and imaginary numbers.
7. Study for Modern America.

That's about it. I plan on having a very fun day tomorrow.
^ Oh my.

Today I had to answer several questions in my Social Studies text book.
1. Create a Haiku and a Tanka
2. Algebra Readiness
3. Make a psychology paragraph for Bible
4. Answer a few science questions
For the weekend, I have to do Social Studies (Over the beginning of Thomas Jefferson's term), Science (Something that is more than just predator and prey relationships), and Math (Simple questions involving 3-D figures) work sheets.
I'm going to NY tomorrow so I'm not going to do any homework for the next 5 days.

Yeah bitch
1. Write a 10-page report on the Angolan War of Independence.
2. Complete 3 "pages" (which is 60 questions) of college algebra II.

This is the shortest amount of assignments I've had in months. :D

Plus, I have the day off of work, so I can easily get this done in about two hours.
And I quote:
handout said:
"Family Myth Paper"​
Your assignment is to write a formal paper identifying a story in your family that has been passed through the generations. It should include 3 essential elements: (1) the story itself, (2) who usually tells it, and (3) the lessons it intends to convey. The paper should be a minimum of three to five pages, typewritten. You are expected to use standard English grammar and spell correctly. Due 4/29.

Who the hell tells stories anymore? Luckily, this sounds like an assignment that I could BS my way through. :P