Disappearing posts


A complete wanker.
Thus far, 4 of my posts have disappeared from topics for no apparent reason. 3 from the topic about people's first posts, and 1 from the topic people's real names. I very much doubt that they were deleted, as I recieved no warnings for making these posts and when I asked, the moderators replied that they didn't know why. Does anyone have an idea as to why this has happened?
I have't noticed anything of the sort, but I know it's been brought up before, so...
I occasionly delete posts, but they're all Ralph's and I warn him after I delete them. Not exactly sure what's happening. :-\
It's an unexplained phenomenon.

Like crop circles.

Nobody can come up with a valid explanation or evidence to show what causes it.
Sorry about my posts, BTW. And sometimes, an admin might hit "Remove" by mistake. I know NG did that to my post once.
This is HelpDesk, not Mindless Junk. If you're not going to contribute to help, then don't post.
Wow, 11 replies and not a single one is helpful.

When it's happened this many times already, there has to be a problem. I felt the need to mention this so that maybe someone who understands these things will be able to give an explanation and maybe the mods can look into the problem. Besides, it's annoying when it happens so much like this. Does anyone have an actual idea why this has happened?
My posts sometimes disappear, and I do know why they do, I am not sure if this is your problem, tho.

When you try to post and get the 15 seconds warning (I think it was already removed) you are told to go back, so you go back and click on post again, and this time you will get an error message saying you already submited that post, but when you chcek the topic, it is not there.

At least that was what happened to me
No, that's not what happened. I had no trouble posting it, but then, for no reason, it's gone, like, 20 minutes later.
Maybe a mod doesn't like you.
It's most likely a glitch. This has been going on for quite a while now.