What do you see out the window?


Thank you based god
ITT, name the coolest thing you see out the window. Not something boring, like the street, if possible.

I'll start:

The San Francisco Bay.
Purple clouds
I see my neighbors drinking beer; but in all seriousness, why did you make this? It has no freaking point.
He wanted to brag about seeing the San Francisco Bay, duh.
Well, it is a nice view when it's not foggy. I'll get some pics for you guys at some point.
Beautiful blue sky, the house across from mine, and the house next to that one. Some trees.
Sharks Territory said:
Well, it is a nice view when it's not foggy. I'll get some pics for you guys at some point.
Why would we want pictures of the view outside your window? :koopa:
I see Man Bear Pig sticking his tongue at me outside my window.

Just kidding. (Seriously.) I just see trees, a blue sky, and sunlight.
The fog is clearing across the bay. No boats out yet, though. On Saturday and Sunday, there were a lot of boats.
Sorry, do you want me to describe my neighbors' houses in excruciating detail?
Because I'm not going to. That would be creepy.
I just looked out the window again. This time I looked out a little lower and I saw the road and the many green grass blades that all make up the lawn.
I wish these trees didn't block my view of the bay. But there are nice lawns on the right, and the bay and some houses are on the left.
That is not actually OUT the window, just on it.
Weather is absolutely perfect today, the small views through the trees and houses that I have of the bay is spectacular.

Through the trees and houses, my tiny glimpse of the bay is picturesque. It actually looks warm out there. I can see the East Bay, and the Oakland Hills, and a few buildings. And I also see one of the little islands out there. It's covered with trees.