Counting MJ boards and Forum Games, how many (total) posts do you have?


Thank you based god
This is my 1,254th.
Hidden Boards all count towards your post count anyway, Ugo.

I have 5130 if I add MJ and Forum games, and I don't know how to figure out how many posts I have in MJII.
So more than half of your posts don't count? About 38% of mine don't count.


Now 1,492, which is the year Columbus "discovered" America.
This is 1,659.

Update: 1,925 on March 17.

2,103 on March 19. Soon, I'll have more posts here than I have edits on MW.
7,189 as of this post.

If the post count of all the forums I've posted on were combined (Excluding a few minor ones...), I'd have 7,700 posts.