Counting MJ boards and Forum Games, how many (total) posts do you have?

Garlic Man

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Hidden Boards all count towards your post count anyway, Ugo.

I have 5130 if I add MJ and Forum games, and I don't know how to figure out how many posts I have in MJII.


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So more than half of your posts don't count? About 38% of mine don't count.


Now 1,492, which is the year Columbus "discovered" America.


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This is 1,659.

Update: 1,925 on March 17.

2,103 on March 19. Soon, I'll have more posts here than I have edits on MW.


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7,189 as of this post.

If the post count of all the forums I've posted on were combined (Excluding a few minor ones...), I'd have 7,700 posts.