What Scared You Most as a Young Child?


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For me, it was mostly video games;

*The endless stairs in Super Mario 64. Both the fact that they went on forever and the music scared me. To this day I can't help but feel a force deep within my soul pushing me not to go anywhere near the third floor until I've gotten enough stars to make them go away. Even the room before them scares me sometimes. It's just a nice, big, calming blue room, right? No, it isn't. It's eerily dark, the constant sounds of the clock are just the sort of thing you'd expect to see in a really suspenseful scene in some big movie, and the room itself is really unusual. Can you imagine what would happen if not the JUMPING EXPECT Mario, but a little Toad was trying to get up to either of those cubbyholes? One bad step and they would fall farther than they ever had in their life. They would die. And the toads live in that castle. Can you imagine how many bad steps there've been that have killed off toads in that room? And as they slowly die to the sound of that clock, ticking away the last seconds of their life, what do you think would have gone through their mind?

That's right, Princess Peach. What will Princess Peach think when she finds out that they died falling off a fucking ladder? And not something plausible like repainting the roof, just getting some fucking coat or something from that stupid cubbyhole on the third floor, which was probably the Princess' idea during some redesign because it "looked cool", and you probably told all your friends about how stupid it was. And now it's killed you. Getting killed by the Princess' own design? Yeah, even if you survived this, you're not getting promoted ever. You might even be beheaded or something to avoid this going public. Can you imagine what would happen if the royal family was exposed as such horrible interior designers that their servant died getting into a closet?

Everything about the third floor was absolutely terrifying and anyone who says otherwise is lying to themselves.
*Selenitic Age from Myst. I always used to pronounce the name "Selantic" for some reason. I guess I sucked at reading or something back than and got the name wrong. But enough about that, anyone who played the game as a child(which a surprisingly few amount of people seem to have, considering how well the game sold) will probably have been a bit creeped out by the game(as I was), but this place was especially scary. It wasn't that hard to get to, and once you got there you were fucking stuck.

Once you were in Selenitic Age, you have no choice but to go through it's puzzles to get out. That means you need to listen to eerie sounds in that bizzare misty world that you had read had fucking fireballs falling from the sky. Everything about the place was kind of weird, like those weird crystals and the like. And of course, you can't get home until you get through the master puzzle, the scariest thing in the game(apart form the bad ends, of course). The maze runner. It went really slow in the original, and all that moved was yourself in that dark office you were playing the game and the caves through that tiny window, inside your also tiny '90s monitor. The sounds were pretty quiet on my computer, so like a lot of people(even though I was hardly a first generation player of the game), I could never quite figure it out. I'm sure other people must have told me how to get through it a couple of times, but I could never get out of it without someone else's help, and I never went into it unless I was taking over for someone else who had been playing it and had to go eat dinner or something. I could never get out of that god forsaken maze, I was trapped forever to listen to those creaky rails. It was horrible.

*Twlight, in Lego Island. It was dark, but not as dark as night time. It was difficult to navigate, and this one time I finally got the brickster out I had it stuck on twlight because at the time I thought it looked cool. Oh boy how wrong I was. I never did catch that guy, it was too hard to get out. I don't even remember how you were suppose to get him or anything, I just remember that it was scary and it was dark and the music was weird and this guy was on the loose and I had to get him but I couldn't because it was too dark.

*Toad's Turnpike, in Mario Kart 64. Again with the twilight. For the longest time I didn't really know how I felt about this stage, but more and more as I get older I realize that when I was a little kid, I was really scared of this place. I didn't say I was and I didn't know I was, but I was scared of this place. It was terrifying, it was dark and there were cars everywhere. I could never beat anyone on that stage because I would always keep getting run over.

*The Brave Little Toaster goes to Mars. I don't know why, but that movie always scared me. It was probably the dark themes and the evil space appliances. I remember one time, it may have been a holiday or something, I wanted to watch the first Brave Little Toaster but everyone else wanted to watch the Mars one and I ran up to my room and buried my head in my pillow to muffle the sound, but I could still hear it. I don't think it was logical that I could hear it from my room, maybe it was the burying my head in the pillow and the sound came up through the the floor and the bed, but I couldn't unbury my head because that movie scared me. I didn't know why everyone else could watch it and not be scared because that movie was scary. The first Brave Little toaster never scared me, even the scariest parts, and the Supercomputer one was only a little scary, but that Mars was was outrageously horrifying.

*The trash heap from the Fraggles. I avoided the Fraggles like the plague for years after this one night where I had a dream that the trash heap kidnapped me, and along with the never ending stairs that stupid pile of garbage is probably the only thing on this list that still scares me. I never watch the Fraggles anymore and whenever someone else is watching it I run away. It's not just the trash heap, the puppets in that thing just scare me. I mean, usually puppets don't scare me, especially those little furry Jim Henson ones, but the ones from the Fraggles(is it actually called Fraggle Rock? I always called it The Fraggles) scare the shit out of me. For the longest time whenever I was scared I associated whatever it was I was scared of with the trash heap. Or the endless stairs.

Or goggles.

*Goggles. Goggles scared me as a kid. Especially colourful ones. I had a dream once when I was little where me and my family were sitting next to one of those basement-type windows which had these two big colourful eyes painted on it. That didn't actually have anything to do with goggles but I was still afraid of goggles and that dream.

This list is dragging on too long. I really just wanted an excuse to talk about the endless stairs anyway.
Since Super Mario 64 was brought up, I always found the metallic pool with Princess Peach's reflection on it that led to Cavern of the Metal Cap a little creepy.
I never even knew it had her reflection in it. If I did I probably would have found it creepy too, but I didn't so I didn't. Hazy Maze Cave never really scared me when I was a kid, despite it probably being one of the few things made to be "scary" in a Mario Game. But Hazy Maze Cave and Big Boo's Haunt just didn't scare me.

That moving book room scared me though. Not in the usual sense that I was afraid of it, but I was scared to try going through it because I could never ever ever not get hit by those stupid books.
1) Elmo in Grouchland. I only made through the first one and a half scenes before I was scared by the bad guy's helicopter with a vaccum. I was carried out of the threater and wasted my parents money.

2) Spiders. It didn't help that one of my issues of Ranger Rick had a huge close up of a spiders face on the back.

3) Hide and Seek. I was always creeped out when it was my turn to hide, even in my own house. Everything looked so big and creepy back then. Didn't help that I had to hide by myself when it was my dad's turn to count. Even worse, me and my dad were trying to hide from my mom once, while we were looking for a hiding spot he saw that I was scared. He saw my copy of Ranger Rick with the spider on it I mentioned earlier. There was a cute little baby duck on the front, so he decided to try to cheer me up by surprising me with the magazine and showing me the ducklet. He grabbed it wrong and ended up popping a big creepy spider close up into my hands real quick. I started screaming and ran into a door. I was so scared that I had nightmares about the spider image every night or so until 5 years later.

There are alot of others, but I'll post them later.
Spiders - Only the little ones. When I was four, a little one bit my eyelid. ;_;. I have no problem with things like tarantulas or anything. But little spiders. Keep those sons of bitches away from me.
I used to be more scared of bugs, but now they're nothing more than things that are easy to kill.
The thought of someone trying to snipe me from somewhere. Sometimes I get that feeling and it scares the **** out of me.