Hi everyone! :D I've been gone a while, and I'm here to say I might be gone another while very soon. I'm losing interest in the wiki, and while I will still be on occasionly, I wont be super-active/helpful.

Don't let this stop you.... I still want to be in the fan game/comics, and would like to be IM'd a copy of the game when it's finished. Still count me as one of the group, just don't look for me every day.

So...... did I miss anything?
Uh, you missed:

-The wiki downtime

-Max2 leaving.

- The creation of the User Wiki by HK and Xzelion.

- Great Gonzo chnging his name to Xzelion.

That's all on the top of my head.
Max2 left? Why? And whats the user wiki... (rhetorical, i'll find that out on my own)
I'm pretty sure you also missed the Great Gonzo getting promoted to system operator and me and Cobold becoming patrollers... and Paper Jorge changing names to SL821, retiring, getting demoted, and coming back... and Wayoshi resigning from bureaucracy because of the aforementioned spamming... and Son of Suns getting demoted due to his retiring which I believe you experienced... and HK getting demoted for being too wild... and I think that's it. Sorry if you already knew some of the stuff on here... But it's nice to have you back. I was wondering where you were. :wink: