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Personally, I would love it if DSi, like Wii's Virtual Console, could download Game Boy/Game Boy Color games onto the DSi.

I'd say this could be a good idea. Wait, I thought of something, the DSi can use SD cards, right? And you can put saved games on an SD card for the Wii, idea, they could let you download Pokemon RBGYGSC onto the DSi, put on an SD Card, put Pokemon Stadium/Stadium 2 onto Virtual Console on the Wii, put the SD Card into the Wii, and use that as the Transfer Pack. :P

Just a crazy idea.
It would be pretty cool if they could somehow get that to work.
Yes, and Kirby's Dream Land 2, Mole Mania, Tetris, and the Game & Watch Gallery series should all be available!
Super Mario Bros. Deluxe woohoo
I like this idea.

Donkey Kong '94 and Wario Land are two of my all-time favorite games.