Nintendo Collector's Items

Do you have any collector's items/valuble systems or other stuff made by Nintendo?

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  • Wait, Nintendo makes collector's items? :koopa:

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Nerdy Guy

I have a few things made by Nintendo that are considered collector items and/or just valuble. The biggest ones I think are my NES2 and Game Boy Printer. Does anyone else have things like that?
Nope. Just a couple of t-shirts.
My friend has a Game Boy Printer.

I also have action figures of Mario, Wario, and Luma
Oh yeah, I forgot about action figures. I have a bunch of Donkey Kong ones; Diddy, Donkey (came with a "vine" you can attach to stuff and make the figures swing on), Funky (surf board included), Cranky (with a kung-fu action arm). Each figure came with coconuts and bananas. I remember there was also a picture Kiddy figure and couple other things on the back of each box.
I also have a wired Mario Kart remote control car.
I have a whole sheet of stickers with various Nintendo characters on them.
I have a figurine of that Donkey Kong monster truck thing. It has the Seal of Quality and everything!

Also, I have the G&W version of SMB.
Oh I have loads! I have an official Nintendo Gameboy case for the like really really old gameboy the very first one, the gameboy wifi accessory cord, 3 gameboys (2 without screen frame 1 in perfect condition), Nintendo DSi box that i kept and offcourse my DSi, pokemon platnium poster (even though I dont even have that game), DS lite, gameboy advance SP, couple of game guides, super mario bros wii poster, NES, Super NES, mcdonalds mario ball, mcdonalds Boo ghost figurine, mario kart 64 telephone (very rare), gamecube, limited edition pokemon heartgold ho-oh figurine from gamestop, DK bongo gamecube accesory, pokemon heartgold soulsilver pokewalker, mario on koopashell figurine, and then there are all the games to all of my current nintendo systems. i'm trying to get every single nintendo system ever made even if they are only released japan. :mario:
Just sent for this figurine.

No, there was also an awesome wearable Mario hat they gave out to Plat. member last year.
And I got one! ^_^
As for figurines, I have a bunch of Pokemon ones. Piplup, Prinplup, Empoleon, Giratina, Lugia, Ho-Oh, Riolu, and Glaceon. And a Dialga keychain.

Luigi Plush toy, and some Pokeomn ones; Maril, Starly, Sneasel.

And the rarest thing I have is probably the NES.
Lets see...
-Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Yoshi figurines.
-Mini Luigi figurine
-Wired DK motion control car.
-Petey Pirahna plush.
-A bunch of Mario plushes (including a rare one thats HUGE.)
-A bunch of Pokemon figures and plushes -Mario, and The Legend Of Zelda hats.
-SMG 1 &2, Twilight Princess, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, and Ruby/Sapphire posters in my room.
-A few strategy guides (those count, right?)
-NES wallet.
-A bunch of t-shirts.

And that figure wsbm mentioned (i still haven't got it yet though.)
I have Mario Kart toys from Club Nintendo, a stuffed Mushroom, a SMG2 poster and two Mario and Luigi vinyl toys.

My cousin still has a working SNES... ;D
I have a Luigi figure, used to have a Mario and Yoshi, a poster, and a Mario Backpack n hat.
I have a working SNES (not yellow yet) 2 posters, one that came with the original NES, it's the Now you're playing with power crashing through glass poster, and one that came with the SNES, Now you're playing with super power. I also have some instruction manuals that came with the NES and SNES. The posters are also in mint condition straight from the original plastic too.
Only one I have which I feel qualifies is the Zelda Collector's Editionn on gc

Oh and i guess the junk that was in the limited editions of some games i have