Users you miss.


Seems so long ago.
I'm bored, so I think we should talk about the people who have been long gone.

I miss Smiddle, ChaosNinji, 3Dejong, that one Ghost Yoshi person, Toadbert, Rudnicki (I just miss laughing at him), and Plumber.

There's more, but I haven't thought much of them...
3Dejong, Ghostyoshi, Maka, Moofle, Luigidude, Rudnicki(but only under his first account or Mr. Moto), DP(still here technically, but not as active as he should be).
Oh yeah, I forgot about Moofle. However, he started to lose his crazy charm in his last posts...
I miss Paper Striker.
3Dejong, Xzelion, and Bloc Partier. Those three really stand out the most in my mind.
I also miss Smiddle. (Although I think I saw him post a few days ago...)
He did, but that doesn't mean he's active again.

I also forgot to mention Sir Grodus.
The two users that stick out in my mind are Dom and Son of Suns. Both of those people only talked to me briefly, seeing as Dom had retired shortly before (or very shortly after) I came back to the wiki in April 2009, and Son of Suns left a few days after my return.
I met Dom through proposals, and Wayo through Chat and Awards. I actually found out about Chat through the Awards.
I miss White Knight.

Also, why exactly was Uniju's account deleted? (I've never gotten a straight answer... ^^;;)
I knew Ghost Jam deleted it, but didn't know it was hacked. oO

Who hacked his account?

I miss Confused.
Not really.
Not even as often as S-Y.
SmartyGuy said:
For the most part, I miss UB and Plumber.

FireUmbreon said:
I miss S-Y and Neu.

Neu still comes to chat quite often, you know.
yeah... we once used to be best friends before he quit the wiki, forum and chat.
I would say I miss WarioLoaf, but he got himself banned. You have to admit, he was great with graphics. Check out his award presentations.