New Gen V Pokemon's silhoutte revealed on Pokemon Sunday.

Rad Dudesman

King Bowser

It appears to be a werewolf.
Looks kind of like a cross between Mightyana and a Lucario. Of course, the internet backlash on this will turned up to 11. There goes me openly talking about Pokémon. :P
Wait, that silhouette is from the cartoon...

And on the last Pokemon season, a Pokemon from the fourth generation was shown on the last episode...

Is this season already over?

About the new Pokemon itself, it looks like Suicine combined with Raikou that's standing up.
Reversinator said:
Is the cartoon already over?
Nope, it's well over 600 episodes and counting.
Wow, it looks just like Pichu!

In all seriousness, the arms and legs remind me of Blaziken. Though that thing has a tail.

(Man, they should make more original stuff rather than make random evolutions for every existing Pokemon)
It's been revealed.,_Ranger_game

Also preevolution.
That's not how the type thing works, but it looks more based on a were-wolf.
Oh I was looking at the wrong thing. What's the difference between 種類(Type) and タイプ(Type)?
Definitely looks closer to Eevee than Skitty.
Eevee is lame. I can never decide what to evolve it to, so it just sits around in Bill's PC.