Various Enemy-Related Issues in the Wiki


Hi all,

Just wanted to bring up some enemy-related issues and questions regarding said issues; any answers to these questions or input is appreciated.

1) I think there needs to be a better, more clear differentiation in the Boo article between medium-sized Boos, which have pretty much been established as the "regular" variety, and Boo Buddies (which should be considered a sub-species). In particular, I think what needs to be mentioned is that standard Boos didn't appear until the first Yoshi's Island, and Boo Diddlys, the first Boos of any kind to appear, were simply Boo Buddies under a different name.
2) On a related note, are those little swarming Boos from Ghost Castle in Yoshi's Story actually Boo Buddies? They're currently listed as such, but it seems they're too small to even qualify as that particular sub-species (especially given the fact that ghosts that are indisputably buddy-sized appear in the Big and Little Boo chains in the game). I think the term "Mini-Boo" might be more in order, even if it's just conjectural.
3) Bessie Bass, based on the fact that she's female, should be considered a Big Bertha (albeit a non-typical one without young and with jumping ability) and not a Boss Bass. This shouldn't be problematic as the two are simply the different sexes of the same species. I have actually already altered the relevant articles to reflect all of this, but can change them back if there's a lot of dissent here ;).
4) Are the giant fish that replaced Bubbas in SM64 DS Big Berthas, or Boss Basses? They're currently listed as Big Berthas, but there are problems with this. They have no young, which admittedly is not a deal-breaker, as I implied above in discussing Bessie Bass, but is still a bit suspect. Secondly, although they never actually jump out of the water, they do skim the surface, which is something that Big Berthas in SMB3 never did. Thirdly, they can actually swallow the player character, which Berthas from SMB3 could not do and not even Bessie, who I'm arguing is a Big Bertha, can do. Lastly, there's nothing in particular that would indicate that they're female. It might make some sense to assume that they're male, especially since the fish species they replaced were pretty clearly male, and just consider them to be Boss Basses.
5) Last question: should the big Piranhas from Yoshi's Story just be considered normal Piranha Plants (as the Wiki currently considers them to be), or a different sub-species (which I would support, as they seem to me to be too different from regular Piranha Plants to qualify as such; I might call them Piranha Stalks)?


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I rarely actually edit the wiki, but shouldn't you be going by what the manual says on things like enemy classification? I'm not trying to say one way or another on any of these questions as I haven't actually read the manuals for many(and as far as actually remembering the content goes, any) of these games, but I'm sure information on all of these things is at least implied in them.


If it were that easy, then there wouldn't be a problem, but manuals these days do a pretty poor job of documenting enemies, as (surprisingly) do some strategy guides.