Something I wrote in my Lang. Arts class

Aiko Heiwa

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A little thing I wrote in my Lang. Art class today. :)

The frantic winds of the storm whirled all around me. I clenched my eyes shut in order to prevent any flying debris from piercing my cornea. I struggled against the tremendous force of the wind, my eyes only squinting, at a glance out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a large piece of plywood pierce directly through a thick tree trunk. I managed to make it to the door, pulling and pulling, the door flew open, almost flying off the hinges. I carefully stepped into the room, quickly slammed the door shut to prevent debris from entering the room. I rushed down the stairs and huddled in the corner, cuddling my kitten, praying for my life that I would survive the global hurricane; and more importantly, if anything would survive.