Mother 4 (fan-made game)


Dry Bowser
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So there are a couple of guys over at working together to make a sequel to Mother 3... or another installment in the EarthBound/Mother series. This is a blog about the status of the game.

Here are some screenshots I found on it:


"The street-smart ruffian."


"Chase executes a PSI maneuver! What could it be called I wonder..."


"Well, that is the saying."


"Yep its some snake. It looks drunk."

So, yeah, as much as I don't like fan-made games, this looks extremely well done, and faithful to the original Mother series.
Re: Mother 4

I remember looking at this back when I needed some fancy scripts for my own RPG; it's really come a long way, so I might download it.
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I wish I had a real computer so I could download it. It looks pretty well-done.
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Interesting. I'll probably give this a try when it's completed.
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To whoever modified the title, change it back. I'm fine with moving this over to the "Console Gaming" section, but the title makes it was too confusing, and I want people to know that this is just a fan-made game, not an actual installment in the franchise.