Project: Massive Mario Character Collage

Boo Destroyer

Koopa Troopa
Not sure where this topic would go*, but here goes:

Looking around the wiki, and seeing how many characters there are in Mario games, I've thought about this: a massive collage with artworks of just about every Mario character there is all into one picture. That's right: Every. Freaking. Mario. Character.


......................Okay, maybe that's quite a stretch, too much of one at that. Not ALL of them, but just a real good number of them. Most notable characters in the "front" of the image (Mario and Luigi in the bottom-center of it all, as expected) , plus a handful of others (mainly ones that had a lot going for them) all making up the "background". Yeah, even DK and Wario characters can be in there.

What could it be used for? Maybe some sort of "Welcome to MarioWiki" image on the main page when one gets on the site? Or maybe sometime next year in 2011, it could be used to celebrate Mario's 30th anniversary.

Eh, nobody has to get on with it right away, right now. It's only an idea; Maybe I'll try it myself, I suppose...

*EDIT: Thanks for that. I always get that sort of thing mixed up.


Seems so long ago.
Nice idea. I think it would be great for the thirtieth anniversary.

Nerdy Guy

Very nice idea. Maybe you could even do it for this year's Mario Awards. This year is the wiki's 5th anniversary, so it'd be an awesome thing to have. Plus you could get help from the awards committee. The sign-ups for said committee are starting in a couple months. :)

Boo Destroyer

Koopa Troopa
Again, this topic was also intended as a spark of the idea for anyone who really does want to give it a shot.

Good thing the Wiki's got images of most of the characters. It's a long road, but it'll get through eventually!