Which board are you most active in?



For me, it's probably Off Topic, as well as the Moderator Forum.
The top three for me is Wiki Admins, 'Shroom Staff Discussion, and the public 'Shroom board.
Booman said:
Mindless Junk, and you can just check your stats to know.

Not always. My most active board USED to be Mindless Junk II. However, it is not anymore, but my stats will still say-so.
I'm pretty much tied for top activity in all the underground boards. Other than that, I'd have to say Off-Topic.

Mindless Junk II 16.3735%
Chat Ops Discussion 13.9394%
2009 6.0049%
Mindless Junk 3.2846%
Handheld Gaming 1.3816%
Off-subject Discussion 1.0449%
HelpDesk 0.9785%
General Entertainment 0.8411%
The Marioverse 0.6588%
Console Gaming 0.6079%

Why do people always make THREADS for this kind of thing? o_O It's right in the stats pages!
They're not always right, like Noah said. Plus, people who don't have access to certain boards can't see those boards on other peoples' stat pages.
No, they're right, you just don't know how to statistic correctly.
So does this mean number of posts (the left column on the stats page) or percentage (right column)?

Either way, I have the most posts in Marioverse and highest percentage in Handheld gaming.