What did you get for Christmas?


Nerdy Guy

I'm making this now since it's Christmas Eve. Anyway, what did you get/are getting for Christmas?

I don't know everything I'm getting, but I was able to see an electronic drumset my mom forgot to wrap until today. I'll post the other stuff after I open them tomorrow.

Pokemon DP

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$20 and a bunch of shiny puzzles. In other words; Boring shit.


Just a flight attendant guy.
The first four Tomb Raider games.


The Cardinal is dead -- long live The Cardinal!
Scribblenauts, BIS, and a ton of candy and hot cocoa. More to come at my grandparents' house.

News from Ninji, he got a laptop.


A couple books (one about prehistoric life, one about history), candy, ML: PiT (which doesn't work, we'll probably exchange it), pajamas, and a blanket.

Nerdy Guy

The drum set I knew I was getting, a harmonica, a Nintendo Points Card, a Word-A-Day Merriam-Webster calendar for 2010. That's pretty much it. I'm getting more later when I go to my cousin's for a Christmas party. It's actually pretty much just a bunch of people eating food and watching a wide screen TV.


A Kindle
Rabbids Go Home
A Zipfy sled
A family Air Hockey table

I got quite a bit more--- those are just the main things.


Hazukashii serifu kinshi
Uniju :D
Lego Fire House
Kannagi volumes 1 & 2

Some other stuff that technically wasn't "mine", but is awesome: Mario & Sonic At The Winter Olympics, El Cazador De La Bruja dvds

Nerdy Guy

Just came back from the party. Got a bunch of clothes and Risk. The clothes suck, but Risk makes up for it. There's also another Christmas party in 2 weeks. For some reason my aunt doesn't like to have parties before New Year's Eve.

Z3r0 Tw0

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Well, I got 3 new games, a couple of DSi/Wii accessories, a 37 inch HD TV, a Golden Retriever, candy, clothes, and a few gift cards.


Star Spirit
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A 4GB flash drive and a pack of chocolate.


Dry Bowser
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My grandma usually visits us on Christmas, but this year she's running a bit late. We'll open her presents tomorrow, so I'll list what I got then.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Winter Solstice, Happy Boxing Day, remember the people that died at Pearl Harbor on Pearl Harbor Rememberance Day, have a nice First of Muharram, and lastly, Merry "Shut The *bleep* Up!".

Happy Holidays. ...And a Happy New Year.

Pokemon DP

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Blue Monday said:
Z3r0 Tw0 said:
a few gift cards.
Oh yeah, me and my brother both got one of those as well.
...And using them, we bought;
*This Is Spinal Tap
*Master of Puppets, by Metallica
*The Velvet Underground and Nico, by The Velvet Underground
*Wolfmother, by Wolfmother
*Doolittle, by Pixies


Donkey Kong
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-$115 in cash
-2 Nintendo Points cards
-$15 iTunes gift card
-New headphones

Not bad, all in all.