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:lol: I was looking back at that one with Peachycakes. I remember that one all to well... *sigh*
'Tis FTW.
Ya. I'm gonna make it huge. Also, the reason I made it so skinny is so it would be more like a Credits screen, know what I'm saying?
Kinda. Reminds me of the way my spritesheet used to be.
it rocks.

Plumber said:

I ate your spaghetti.

poor meatballs.
isyou said:
Plumber said:

I ate your spaghetti.

poor meatballs.

Ten reasons waffles pwn spaghetti:
  1. Waffles are delicious with jam. Spaghettisn't.
  2. "You roffle my waffles" is funnier to say than "You lolle my spaghetti."
  3. Spaghetti comes from Italy. Waffles have an unknown origin, thus making it more exotic and mystical.
  4. Weird Al has written a song about waffles (Waffle King), but none about spaghetti.
  5. Waffles have the ability to taste exactly like waffles.
  6. You need really long plates to eat spaghetti.
  7. Waffles come in more appearances than spaghetti does.
  8. Waffle is a countable word; spaghetti is not.
  9. The Wikipedia article on waffles is longer than the one on spaghetti.
  10. Waffle is easier to spell than spageti spaggety that.
No offense, though. Spaghetti still is good.
BACK ON TOPIC, please.

*Bump thread*
Keep on topic.

And yes the Collage is ok,
It's Done! Check out the page!!!
K. Good for you.
Thank you. 2 Compy-ments in 1 hour.