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I'm tempted to move this to Mindless Junk.

It's amazing.
Snow Miser said:
I'm tempted to move this to Mindless Junk.

It's amazing.
I was planning of creatin it there, but then I saw "Fan Creations. Unofficial artwork, comics, sprites, stories, Flash cartoons. Show off all your fanstuff in here! " :)

What is it anwyays???
That changed me. I am a better person for having seen that picture.
Burgermeister Meisterburger said:
What is it anwyays???
It's some guy standing on a rainbow. I think he's supposed to represent people on drugs. Then there's the guy in the upper-right corner who represents the sun. The sun's all like "Don't do drugs, man", and the guy's like "Get off my cloud!. Then the sun says "You're on a rainbow, you idiot.". The guy then says "Who cares, I do drugs.". The guy then gets zapped by the sun to represent global warming. So it's telling us global warming is happening because hippies do drugs and stand on rainbows.

Serious version:
It's just a guy standing on a rainbow. While the sun's looking at him. Except the sun is what appears to be Steve's head in RL.
I was planning on overthrowing Steve until I saw this.
I saw this ages ago.
My eyes are simply brimming with tears of artistic ecstasy. Your technique surely surpasses any that I have ever seen.
I didn't know Steve was so good at drawing.