WANTED: People who like and/or make Sprite Comics and Fanfiction.


also I hang out here, I guess
Hello, everyone.
I am Tabuuownsall132x2, at one time known as Paint It Black, and a Bureaucrat of Userpedia Adriels. Adriels originates from The Super Mario Wiki, as a way to make Wiki user-based Sprite comics and Fanfiction, and even a few Fan games, existent or not. Many older users joined Userpedia, but earlier this year, lost most, if not all, interest. Userpedia Adriels is now a dying site, and that's why it's been decided by me that it needs new, fresh, blood, and a revival. If you wish to help, please join here.

Thank you,

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Re: WANTED: People who likes and/or makes Sprite Comics and Fanfiction.


I mind as well do something useful besides moving things around. You might want to reword it a little though. It sounds a bit more like a "please join" ad then a help wanted thread. :-\
So, you're asking for sprites?
The Grinch said:
So, you're asking for sprites?
No, he wants Sprite Comic makers and FanFic Writers to make stuff and help bring UP to life.
I have a few comics, but it is my dream to watch UP die a slow painful death.
As it is talking about comics and fanfiction, I'm going to be moving this to Fan Creations.