how would you kill above user?


i cant move...i am hungry D:
how would you kill above user

:waluigi:: i am the i dont do a thing

:wario:: i would kill you with a blade and with a giant toxic cheezburger

:mario:: i would kill you riding the burrito of DOOM and grabing a hammer to SQUASH YOUR HEAD TO DEATH!

:luigi:: i would kill you with a pizza sword and farting in your face

and that is pretty much all...for the ones that didnt understand...waluigi is the first one (waluigi is pretty much me) and then...wario (a user) killed the user above him...and that is the chain...

you can post all the times you want
This game is kind of morbid/disturbing. Though in a childish way with the farting and all that. It put a bunch of nasty pictures in my head; please don't use Mario Characters as the example players anymore. o_O

*splatters NG*