The Uprising-A Fan Fiction by Xzelion


Join us in the shadows where we stand vigilant...
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On Bowser's World the Koopa Troop have been ripped apart, divided and warring against it self, Bowser leader his army against the Rebellion of King Boo and Kledge.

The Uprising happens whne Kledge duels Mario, Mario spares Kledge's life, after this Kledge could see the errors of his ways and betrays bowser, now a kingdom divided. Who will you ask? The lifes of thousands hold their breath for that answer.
ooh, sounds cool!
YellowYoshi398 said:
It does indeed... But what's a Kledge?

Kledge is a hammer brother, and "cledge" is a type of hammer.
"This is Squad Captain 07-12" reported the captain, "We can't take down a goomba Outpost without immediate assitance"
"Captain we have small forces to're on your own..." replied the General.
"General, with all due respect, we won't last." He sneered
"Captain, carry on with your buisness and destroy this fortress"
"General its impossible" he was...
"Captain, I gave you an order, no follow it" replied the General as he hug up the phone.
He Hammer Brother Captain Krush frowned..."Men, load up, we're heading out" to our certain death he thought
Uuuhhhhh... I might review when the chapters will be longer than THAT.
Gofer said:
Uuuhhhhh... I might review when the chapters will be longer than THAT.

lolz just setting up a storyline :P
Charts G = Kledge's Army, B = Bowsers, if I left out ny koopa Troop species please let me know, thanks ;)

Bandits - G
Bigger Boo G
Bob-omb G
Boo G
Bony Beetle B
Boomerang Bros. B
Buzzy Beetle B
Clubba B
Chain Chomp - B
Dr. Freezegood B
Dry Bones B
Goomba B
Hammer Bros. G
Koopa Troopa B
Koopatrol B
Lakitu G
Magikoopa B
Marching Milde B
Monty Mole G
Paratroopa G
Piranha Plant B
Pokey B
Rex G
Ruff Puff B
Shy Guy Army B
Shy Guy B
Spiny G
Terrapin G
Whomp B
Prolouge/2: Three-ninety-Eight

Lakitu General 398 watched from his platform, his division of Lakitu recently successfully razed a Boomerang Brother encampment. His thick glasses and blue armor blended with the Ice. His next mission was to raid “Jokes End” and steal a special potion that rumored to contain the secret to a virus called “Black Smoke” that could kill all Koopas and Goombas if used correctly. The Generals true name was Spiklester, or “Spike” for Short. Names didn’t matter in the Koopa troop everyone was given a number, and Spike’s happened to be 398. He grimaced and spun around, his friend a reformed Koopatrol stood there eyes gazing at him, and “Sergeant the Troops are ready.”
Spike smiled, “Good, we launch first thing in the morning.”

Krush watched as the sunset, the sun was setting and his restless battalion chattered amongst themselves. He caught a few words “We’re going to die” “This may be our last meal.” “I hear there’s a sewer line below the outpost”. Krush spun around and looked at the Goomba, “What?”
The Goomba stared at him “What is it Sir?”
Krush grabbed his hammer, “A Sewer line?”
”Yes sir my recon team spotted it a week ago.”
Krush smiled, “Show me this sewer…”

The Goomba strolled alongside with Krush, “There it is sir” he whispered.
Krush smiled, “It’s a tight fit…you think our army can fit in there?”
The Goomba frowned and looked around, “I think there’s enough room…”
Krush nodded, “Let’s return to camp”

Spike watched as his troops prepared for battle, Cackletta’s remaining troops planned to use this potion on the Koopa Troop during the timeline know as “Super Star Saga”.
His Koopatrol friend smiled, “Sir according to our scan there’s Three Hundred and Ninety-Eight Beanies”
Spike smiled, “That should be easy…”
The Koopatrol smiled, “They won’t go down without a fight.”
Spike nodded, “And that’s what I intend on giving them.”
YellowYoshi398 said:
That was the coolest thing of all time. Undisputed.

you prbably already Noticef that 398 is a refrence to you YY :D
I'm not as famous as 3D. He was mentioned on the back of the SPM box. (Weird, though, there's a dash in his name...)