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I've always had an idea for a game where Peach was the heroine once again, but with Daisy and Rosalina by her side, called "Princess Power".

Like this: (old art)

Allow me to explain: I came up with this cute idea where the three of them could make like transforming superheroines in their own adventure. They do this by touching the brooches on their chests to don them (and then back again at will to change back into their dresses) and go kick butt. X3 And in this state, collectively, the three are known as Princess Power. The show that influenced this the most was Powerpuff Girls Z.

Oh, the thought of seeing them taking on a bunch of Koopas, Goombas, Boos, etc. in these suits~

*As you can see, they're based on the Mario Strikers Charged suit designs, modified a bit. But looking at them now, they have much more of a heroic vibe than athletic.
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If it didn't look anything like that drawing, I'd buy it. Sounds fun.
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Those drawing looks like some sort of style I've seen before somewhere else, but I just can't remember...
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Well, it IS just a concept anyway.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure the villain of this story would be one of the following:

-Shadow Queen
-Kammy Koopa
-Princess Shroob

I'd say it could be Cackletta, but take your pick.
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If the game had that artwork I wouldn't buy it.
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Because a whole entire thing would go around a single picture that's in a mere conceptual phase. :rolleyes: But I digress...

Now then, I'll take these next couple of posts to expand upon this idea: I was torn between thinking about having it be either a 2D or a 3D platformer.

Maybe I'd go with it being a 3D platformer (compared to 2D platformers, are a lot of these around these days?). Between their dresses and these suits, both interchangeable at any time, I had it where with the former, they'd rely on a plethora of magic attacks. With the latter, of course, it would be a variety of physical and acrobatic abilities.

And there's got to be some significant differences between the three: Peach (being the leader, indeed) would be of the more well-rounded variety. Daisy would be the stronger, hard-hitting one, but lacking a little in speed. Rosalina would be the most agile, but not as strong. (Going Super Mario 64 DS too, are we?)
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Well, I've finally be able to get the whole concept down. In the form of an instruction manual, at that. After quite some time of trial and error with it, it's all come down to where I wanted it at last. Here's the whole transcript of its "manual" now:

By Boo Destroyer

Table of Contents
1. The Story
2. Characters
3. Basic Controls
4. Adventure Mode
5. Basic Moves
6. Items
7. Using the Super Suit

-Princess Power in their Super Suits =
-Hannah, Daisy's weapon buddy =
-Yoyola, Rosalina's weapon buddy =


A new threat has risen over the Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser has begun to kidnap Princess Pe-…oh wait, no he hasn't this time! But anyway, he's got something else up his sleeve and there IS something going on for sure! He's gone and revived some of Mario's most fearsome adversaries: Cackletta, Princess Shroob, Shadow Queen, and Kammy Koopa - The Freaky Four! Go Mario, go Luigi! Stop them once more!


...Wait, where ARE they?! Aw, shucks! It so happens that the Mario Bros. have gone off on vacation at Isle Delfino! Who's gonna save us all now?!?

Shortly after this calamity ensues, Princess Peach of the Mushroom Kingdom receives a letter from somebody:

"Dear Princess Peach,

There is a great trouble brewing up in the Mushroom Kingdom. Now I request that you come down to my lab, for I have created a special power you can use to stand up to these creeps! Moreover, your friends Daisy and Rosalina are here and will use their own share of that power as well! Don't be late now!

-Professor E. Gadd"

Right when Peach arrives, it's too late...E. Gadd's lab has been attacked! Daisy and Rosalina have been taken away, and the energy that E. Gadd used to grant them their powers has been stolen as well! This is surely the work of those thugs!

However, E. Gadd is still there and just fine, managing to survive the attack. When Peach wonders about what happened, E. Gadd offers to show her his plans for this special power: it's the newfangled "Super Suit", a special powered armor suit in which the three can magically transform into to gain extra strength, extra speed, and other outstanding abilities.

Now it's up to Peach to find her friends and retrieve the energy to obtain their new powers! When all three princesses come together and use their newfound abilities, they are known as Princess Power!


Peach: The fair ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom has now found herself as the heroine on a whole new journey! Her jumping prowess, speed, and attack power are all well-rounded.

Daisy: The princess of Sarasaland here has joined to help out Peach. She may not get around all that fast, but her exceptional strength is certainly a valuable asset.

Rosalina: Hailing from the farthest reaches of outer space, the mysterious Rosalina is also here to lend a hand. She's the most agile of the bunch and can jump a lot higher and move a lot faster. A little lacking in attack power, though...

E. Gadd: He's the one who created the Super Suits and the Power Gems used to activate them.

Yoshi: Our favorite dino friend returns as well and will help you out when it appears! They come in four colors: green, pink, yellow, and light-blue.

Prince Peasley: Being a friend of Peach and the others, this quirky fellow is here to serve as an invaluable ally for Princess Power! He'll help out on anything and offer advice if need be.

Weapon Buddies: Perry, Hannah, and Yoyola. These objects are weapons that Princess Power can use when in their Super Suits. Perry the parasol belongs to Peach, Hannah the hammer to Daisy, and Yoyola the yo-yo to Rosalina.

The Freaky Four: The goons that Bowser has revived to set their attack on the Mushroom Kingdom and cause trouble all over. Can Princess Power defeat them?!


*"Princess Power!" requires the Nunchuk to be attached to the Wii Remote in order to play.

A Button: Jump
B Button: Attack
Control Pad: Move camera
+ Button: Pause the game
C Button: Transform into Super Suit and back
Z Button: Crouch
Control Stick: Move
Shake the Wii Remote: Spin Jump


The main hub setting that connects the main area and all the other worlds in the game is a small village called Toadsville. It is here where you can meet up with E. Gadd, Peasley, and other Toad villagers. Not to mention access the other worlds from here (at the cost of a certain amount of Power Hearts (see below) for each world).

Enter another area by going in through its respective doorway. Once you are there, this is where the adventure begins. If you want to leave these places, just head back to the world's main entrance and step out to exit, and you'll end up back at the world's doorway in Toadsville.

Initially, at the beginning of this game, you will only be able to use Peach and you won't have the ability to transform yet. Daisy and Rosalina are trapped in a few worlds and you must go there to save them. Once you do, they'll become playable for the rest of the adventure. If you wish to switch the princess you want to play as, you can do so in Peach's Castle; go into a different princess's room inside to play as another character (in a similar manner as Super Mario 64 DS).

In order to gain the ability to transform, you must find a color-coded Power Gem in a couple worlds and carry it over to the entrance/exit of the world. Peach's Power Gem is pink, Daisy's is yellow, and Rosalina's is light-blue. Take care not to drop it or get it damaged by enemies or harsh environmental conditions (if it gets lost like that, it'll reappear back to where it was originally found). Once you have taken it back to Toadsville, you'll then take it back to E. Gadd, who'll use its energy to grant the princesses their Super Suit transformation powers!

In order to progress throughout the game, you must collect several of a collectible item known as a Power Heart in each world. They'll appear in worlds when you clear various tasks and overcome many challenges. You'll need to acquire more Power Hearts to open more worlds. Keep going for more to reach the final area…

Additionally, your character will have a circular health meter that, when damage is taken, will go down (how much will be taken away depends on the enemy's attack). Lose it all and you'll lose a life and start back at the beginning of the world. Pick up a Super Mushroom to replenish it. Not to mention, you're only be able to transform at full health. The Super Suit even provides an extra second health meter (like with the Life Mushrooms in Mario Galaxy). If all that is lost (even going past its end back into the normal health meter), your princess will revert back to her dress.


A: Jump
A (Hold): Hover for a limited time in midair
B: Attack/Punch
B: Pick up objects (when standing near them)
B: Throw objects (with one in hand)
A, A, A: Continuous, then Triple Jump
A (Underwater): Swim (hold to swim steadily, tap to swim faster)
Z: Crouch
Z, Control Stick: Crawl
A, Z (in the air): Ground Pound
A (hanging on a ledge): Climb up
Shake the Wii Remote: Spin Jump

Using Perry (Peach only)

B: Attack with Perry
A (Hold): When in midair, drift through the air with Perry

Using Hannah (Daisy only)

B: Attack with Hannah
B (Hold): Charge up Hannah to deal a greater attack (can even break large, heavy things)

Using Yoyola (Rosalina only)

B: Attack with Yoyola
B (and pointing the Wii Remote at a "grapple point"): Latch onto the grapple point with Yoyola to swing across

On Yoshi

B: Swallow with tongue
A (Hold): Flutter Jump
B (with something in Yoshi's mouth): Spit it out
Z (with something in Yoshi's mouth): Turn it into an egg
B (with egg): Throw the egg
Shake Wii Remote: Dismount Yoshi


Item Block: Jump to hit these from underneath (or attack them) to bring an item out of it.

Brick Block: Jump from below or attack this to break it. Some of them are hidden item blocks.

Coin: These are scattered almost everywhere. Pick up 100 for an extra life!

Super Mushroom: Picking this up will restore a good amount of any lost health.

Fire Flower: Picking this up will give your character the ability to throw fireballs at enemies. Press B to do so when you got one.

Ice Flower: Your character will be able to throw snowballs that freeze most enemies. Press B to throw them once you've picked one up.

Star: This will temporarily make your character invincible, taking down enemies in your way instantly.

Vegetable: These appear planted in the ground in a lot of places. Press B when near them to pick them up and then throw them at enemies.

Angel Feather: This will give your character angel wings (and a halo). These wings will allow for some flight. Do a triple jump first to begin.

Mini Mushroom: This will make your character shrink down to a very tiny size, making her able to go through very small passageways, but unable to attack. Her light weight this way will even allow her to run on the surface of water. If you wish to return to normal size, hit a Mini Mushroom Block in this state.

Mega Mushroom: Get this and your character will grow to double her size! In this state, you will temporarily be able to plow through enemies and other obstacles with ease.

Yoshi Egg: Get this and Yoshi will appear. Now you can ride on one! If you get hit, it will run away. If you go into the water with it, it will disappear...

1-Up Mushroom: Get one of these for an extra life!

Weapon Buddy Block: Break this open to get a princess's respective weapon buddy.


The Super Suit is a special outfit that Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina can transform into by touching the brooches on their chests. Once they are in these suits, their abilities will be enhanced, augmented; a lot more physical and acrobatic. When suited up, they'll be able to pull off amazing attacks and stunts that they normally couldn't do! Most of their regular abilities are retained, but there are a lot more added to the mix:

A (a second time in midair): Double Jump (replaces the hovering in the dresses)
B, B, B: Punch, then Kick
A, B: Jump Kick
A, Control Stick (towards a wall): Jump onto a wall and slide down it
A (sliding down a wall): Wall Jump
Z, B: Sweep Kick
B (when running): Slide Attack
Z, B (when running): Slide Kick
Z, A: Backward Somersault
When running, Control Stick (opposite direction), A: Side Somersault
Z, A (when running): Long Jump
Up/Down (on a tree or pole): Climb
Z, shake Wii Remote (near any enemy): Grab the enemy
B (near a stronger enemy or boss): Start a combo attack

Those are just some of the basics to using the Super Suit. In addition, there's the devastating combo attacks that your character can pull off against enemies.

-When you press B against a stronger enemy, ready to attack them, this is where your combo chain will now commence. Just keep pressing the B button to keep it going. However, there's also the A button to jump during certain combos, not to mention move around with the Control Stick if need be (on-screen prompts will appear for these). Try not to mess it up or let the enemy hit you, or it's all over…

-Aside from combos, there are also grab attacks. When you are near an enemy, while holding Z, shake the Wii Remote to grab hold of them to start with these. With an enemy in hand, you can throw it or attack it even further with a special grab attack (rapid stomping, piledriver/aerial drop, jump name a few). Some enemies are bigger and heavier, so you won't be able to move a lot while holding onto them, but you can throw them at other enemies.

-You can even use weapon buddies and power-up items in conjunction with the Super Suit! You can perform different combos with power-up items like the Fire Flower, Ice Flower, and Angel Feather. What's more is that combo attacks can be pulled off using even Vegetables and Yoshi!! My goodness...

...................There it is.

I was gonna have a multiplayer mode for it, but
1. I had a hard time deciding how to set it up with just three of them.
2. Meant as a single-player game, better as just that.

But of course, I did have a lot of Super Mario 64 DS in mind. Eventually, I'll later come up with more concept arts (eh, the others were done a long time ago) for it with all that.
Re: Princess Power

Sorry, but it reminds me too much of this.
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Boo Destroyer said:
Well, it IS just a concept anyway.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure the villain of this story would be one of the following:

-Shadow Queen
-Kammy Koopa
-Princess Shroob

I'd say it could be Cackletta, but take your pick.

To my knowledge, all of the items that I striked out in your list have been, like, completely finished off in the one game they appear in (each appears in a different game, but I'm sure you know what I mean). Kammy is the only one who has really not been destroyed, so she would be your best bet, in my opinion.
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^There's actually no continuity in Mario games at all. And if you read that, it clearly says that Bowser's revived them as part of his plan. They're all in it at once, known as the "Freaky Four" together.

wsbm said:
Sorry, but it reminds me too much of this.
But are they actual heroines there? :3 Aside from starring these three, it's not totally the same thing really...
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Boo Destroyer said:
^There's actually no continuity in Mario games at all.

I know that. But I was just making a suggestion.

And if you read that, it clearly says that Bowser's revived them as part of his plan. They're all in it at once, known as the "Freaky Four" together.

I missed that part, whoops.
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Now, if this game does come about, there could be even more possibilities.

Next Smash Bros., having Peach fight this way in her Super Suit. By means of a special hidden costume of it. Next time, if anything, special costumes can be a lot more important to certain characters like this, with movesets of their own. Wario was merely a start with it. It was there, but not totally up and running just yet.

Just switch from regular Peach to Super Peach (the three are individually known as "Super Peach/Daisy/Rosalina" in their suits) on the character screen like you would to change color. This time, Super Peach puts up a tougher and more dynamic fighting style.

SUPER PEACH (in Smash Bros.)
Peach has used a Power Gem and transformed into her Super Suit! In this outfit, her abilities are enhanced and much more dynamic! Peach finally gets to bring her superpowered abilities into the battlefield!

Standard Moves

Basically, Super Peach's moves consist of various punches, kicks, and other acrobatic attacks. Her throws are even based on grab attacks from Princess Power.

Special Moves

Standard: Hannah - Although this is Daisy's weapon buddy in Princess Power, Peach gets to use this hammer here. Hold down the button to charge Hannah up and let go to swing. The longer you charge Hannah, the stronger the attack.

Side: Yoyola - This yo-yo weapon buddy is Rosalina's, but Peach uses it here too. Peach will cast Yoyola forward at opponents to attack them. This can also be used as tether recovery.

Up: Perry - A rather retained move from her normal moveset, Peach uses Perry this time to jump up and drift down to the ground.

Down: Power Grab - When from a simple distance from an opponent, this will come off as a simple hard punch attack. But when up-close, it'll be a grab with many successive punch attacks (keep pressing the button to keep punching the enemy in hand). Push forward or back to send the enemy flying, and then the special move button again to jump right to the opponent and attack them once more.

Final Smash: Combo Attack - When right near an opponent, pull this off to catch them and bring them into a devastating combo attack. A series of rapid attacks will go on, and in the end, the finishing blow will send the opponent far. If you miss with this Final Smash, however, it won't work…

Misc. Notes

-The hovering with the dress before is removed for Super Peach, so it's all about mastering her acrobatic prowess in her Super Suit well.
-This is a special costume (hidden, at that). Super Peach's moves this way are more different than that of normal Peach.

Entrance: Normal Peach appears on the spot, but immediately touches the brooch on her chest to transform into Super Peach. The transformation is cut to a quicker version as opposed to fully little by little.

Kirby Hat: Peach's crown and her blue communicator visor

-Does a few kicks to show off
-Poses cutely while looking at the camera, saying "This is so great!"
-Spins around quickly, and stops facing the camera, pointing one hand up in the air, saying "Yes!"

Victory Poses
-Shows off a few punch and kick attacks and poses dramatically in the end
-Somersaults into the air, lands down hard, and then spins around while winking at the camera and posing sweetly
-Lifts a large-sized Goomba over her head, and manages to get her strength (with her suit) to hold it up just fine (The Goomba's animation keeps on looping in the end, shaking in desperation)

Color Changes
-Pink (standard suit color)
-Yellow ("Daisy")
-Sky Blue ("Rosalina")
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Boo Destroyer said:
Allow me to explain: I came up with this cute idea where the three of them could "transform" into these armored outfits of sorts*,
Like Samus?
Re: Princess Power

o rly?

Well, I did try to retain the rounder cheeks there. Guess that kinda fell flat on its face and didn't go over well.
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Boo Destroyer said:
o rly?

Well, I did try to retain the rounder cheeks there. Guess that kinda fell flat on its face and didn't go over well.
Just trying to have a little fun with that picture :P

But as a suggestion, you should make her face more like Peach's and Rosalina's. The big chin doesn't exactly suit Daisy too much. ;)
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Again, that was a screw up.

Anyhoo, how about that game concept manual transcript and concept for Super Peach in Smash. I heard that I finished up writing those out and finalized them for good.
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Boo Destroyer said:
Again, that was a screw up.

Anyhoo, how about that game concept manual transcript and concept for Super Peach in Smash. I heard that I finished up writing those out and finalized them for good.

And alrighty.
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Zero of the Rebellion said:
If the game had that artwork I wouldn't buy it.

But there's art like this.


and people go batsh*t over that
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The latter; The japanese like their lolis I guess

And that's official art.
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This PC game


Lol engrish