Mario Series Essay/Tribute + Info on SMB2.5

Eric B

Hi All!

Been an avid Mario fan ever since the arcade version of the first game. Nothing else like it.
While I followed the development of the series and always liked the new features, after awhile, I begn longing for the simplicity in the original game, but wished they would do it in 3D. Of course, 3D did eventually arise, with Super Mario 64, but by that time, the features and sound were so different.
The closest thing to what I'd like to see was in Super Paper Mario, where you can open up the 3D play as Mario. There's also this fan game called "SMB2.5" that is five blocks deep in the third dimension, but the gameplay is still confined to a 2D row of blocks.

I know they like to make the games more complex, and build upon stuff added along the way, but just for old times sake, (just like the original game can still be purchased), it would be nice to see the original engine updated for 3D (Sort of like the original Super Mario Kart graphics), and a simple level-to level advancement without world maps, star coins and other such stuff. You could call it "SMB: Back to Basics 3D" or something. (Also wonder why ever since Super Mario World, they have all the Koopa Troopas walking upright. totally takes away from the classic look).

They also should release the Arcade version for the Wii, since it is a cross between SMB1 and SMB2J (six levels were transported over), and thus more challenging, but not as hard as the entire 2J.

Here's my tribute to the franchise (also has image and link to SMB2.5 I mentioned):