A Chinese rip-off of SMG...


Seems so long ago.
Watch it and weep:


I just found this when browsing the DKU Forum.
I think that just became the new king of the rip-offs... :toad:
Looks like the kind of thing you would see in some cartoon that's desperately attempting to keep it's audience by convincing them it has any idea what the fuck these new fangled "computer games" are.

I just love how it stole music from Jeopardy and sound effects from Klonoa.
Muigi said:

I just love how it stole music from Jeopardy and sound effects from Klonoa.
I was gonna say something about that.

For a free computer game, it looks kinda neat, but it's still a blatant ripoff.
I just noticed something else that nobody else has even noticed yet...

They even stole the arrows from the DDR series!

I'm sorry, that's pathetic.

The ground pound panels, the gravity, the level designs...

What a copy. Pretty lame.
________________________ said:

I'm sorry, that's pathetic.
There's no real need to be sorry (unless you were calling Lario pathetic). The very reason Lario showed it to us was so we could see the patheticness and how much of a rip-off it is. Plus it's pretty interesting. :P
Mr. Doctor Professor Assistant Governor-General Shyguy said:
Currently downloading.
You sure you should do that? It's made in China.
There's probably lead in it.
Reversinator said:
Why the heck did they even want to make such a crappy knockoff?
They must've expected no one to notice the stuff they stole and for thier game to be popular. Apperently they don't have any idea what it takes to make a good game. :P
In response to the above question, I'm not sure why. But you know, China...
This is a crappy clone! Ugh! DX If they even polish it to the max, and despite the fact that it's playable for the PC, I'll go for a maybe. By then -- Thumbs down. :X