Video Game Name Generator

King Boo

"I'm definitely NOT doing this to help you, Pit."
Groden showed us this in chat. It's pretty cool.

Nerdy Guy

I saw a topic about that around a month ago while browsing through the forums. It has some pretty epic outcomes. I thought about making a thread here back when I saw the thread, but I decided to wait a while incase it was considered ripping them off. However I forgot about it and never remembered it until now. :P


Hazukashii serifu kinshi
Transvestite Go-Kart Overload, Unbelievable Android Munchers, Inbred Casino Commander, Bling Bling Monkey Inspector.

All great games.

Jesus Freak

King Bowser
National Lampoon's Golf at the Olympics, Throbbing Hillbilly Disaster, Arcane Motocross Special Edition, ............. First-Person Sushi Trivia?

EDIT: Happy Rabbit Factory. :-* :birdo:

EDIT2: Zombie Casino - Collector's Edition. Epic. O0