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King Boo

"I'm definitely NOT doing this to help you, Pit."
Groden showed us this in chat. It's pretty cool.

Nerdy Guy

I saw a topic about that around a month ago while browsing through the forums. It has some pretty epic outcomes. I thought about making a thread here back when I saw the thread, but I decided to wait a while incase it was considered ripping them off. However I forgot about it and never remembered it until now. :P


Hazukashii serifu kinshi
Transvestite Go-Kart Overload, Unbelievable Android Munchers, Inbred Casino Commander, Bling Bling Monkey Inspector.

All great games.


Just a flight attendant guy.
Monty Python's Amish of Doom

Jesus Freak

King Bowser
National Lampoon's Golf at the Olympics, Throbbing Hillbilly Disaster, Arcane Motocross Special Edition, ............. First-Person Sushi Trivia?

EDIT: Happy Rabbit Factory. :-* :birdo:

EDIT2: Zombie Casino - Collector's Edition. Epic. O0