The official "yay!" thread

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Here you write things makng you happy.

Today I got "Weird Al" Yankovic's Running With Scissors album. Yay!
I have all Mario games for DS and Wii, YAY!
HERE'S where I can do it, yay!

Yesterday I learned to play the Overthere and Sammer's Kingdom on the piano/oboe, yay!
I watched the Prince of Tennis Movie! Yay!
You must actually play as Tails Doll on the non-Gems Collection Sonic R to even have chances of meeting the Curse! Yay!
I was spared by the doll! Yay!
Smiddle said:
It's summer vacation here! Yay!

I have to do some school in the summer NOOOO! Wait this is th "Yay" thread.

Its Summertime YAY!
3D isn't leaving!

Willy's nice!

I got a Ice-Cweam!

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