Broken Wiimote


The radioactive Boo.
Lately, when I recently played Punch Out, but my Wiimote just stops working. Does this happen to anyone else?
What's it doing, exactly? Are you using the Nunchuck extension?
Did you check the batteries? You should try changing them.

Are they rechargeable or regular?
The Monoply Man said:

Well, I believe I've heard of recharge kind causing problems, but I guess it's not that.

If you put those same batteries into another Wiimote, does it work? What about putting new batteries into the Wiimote you are using?

As I said, it could just be the batteries.
I've had this happen to me before, it's just an error that can be randomly triggered. I noticed it mainly happens when I play around with the buttons when the screen fades to black after you select the game on the Wii menu. There are other triggers however. If you press the buttons repeatilly during the "broken" state, it turns back on faster. I have no idea exactly how this happens though. :-\
Hmmmmmmmmmm, I should try that.
@NG: It just happens in the middle of the match.
Happened to me when the batteries were low. There's probably some loose wires or somethin'- specifically, between the battery and the rest of the Wiimote.