Porcu-Puffer in SMG, right?


I was just browsing your Wiki and being the Super Mario Galaxy aficionado that I am I realized you didn't have Porcu-Puffer listed under the returning enemies for the game. So I looked up Porcu-Puffer, still no mention of Super Mario Galaxy. Then I looked up Drip Drop Galaxy and there was a slight mention of a "puffer fish" inside of a few of the treasure chests.

Now, has this been debated whether or not that puffer fish is indeed a Porcu-Puffer? Because by the looks of the thing I'd definitely say it is. Perhaps there's confirmation in the coding of the character or perhaps a mention of it in the trading cards?

(again, sorry if this has been mentioned before, I'm new here, but I thought it was worth noting.)
Erm, I'm sorry what?
Ah, crap... I did something wrong didn't I?

Yeah, you know, the puffer fish that you find in the treasure chests in the Drip Drop Galaxy of SMG...

Not sure if this is where I post this sort of thing.

Uhhhh. Yeah, I was wondering if the puffer fish enemy that's found in the drip drop galaxy of Super Mario Galaxy was a Porcu-Puffer (the puffer fish found in SMW and NSMBwii) and if that is something that should be in the wiki... if true.

(sorry if my grammar is bad)
Shut up, Ugo, the guy thinks you're a mod. -_-

Anyway, it's not exactly a Porcu-Puffer. Nintendo didn't officialy say it was, so we don't consider it to be. But you could sign up on the wiki and ask your question on Talk:Super Mario Galaxy for a more direct answer if you want too. ;)
Super Happy Nerd Time said:
Shut up, Ugo, the guy thinks you're a mod. -_-
Well there was no mods online at the time I don't think.

I'ma stop posting in this topic as I don't have Galaxy.