Quotes in other Languages


Exactly. Could we put quotes in articles in other languages of the same character? May improve a bit the article.
I have, for example, Spanish quotes of Fawful
I don't think so. It's basicly the same line in a different language, so it's a tad redundent. But you could always ask a sysop on the wiki for a more direct answer. ;)
I think the main problem here is that the Super Mario Wiki is written in English. What's the point of putting quotes in other languages up on an English website?

I'm sure there's a Spanish speaking Super Mario Wiki out there, however, that would be pleased if you shared these quotes with them.
Seems like I've been saying this a lot lately, but per Uniju. The Super Mario Wiki is an English-only wiki; the only non-English material we allow is:

A) We have a template that shows the foreign names of creatures, characters, etc., because they often have different meanings.

B) If there is no official English title available, an article title can be another language. (So long as it's official in that language.)