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Hammer Bro.
Retired Wiki Staff
Hey, guys. I mentioned an alternative to the peer review system of voting for featured articles on the proposals page. I would like to head up the idea myself, but I'd rather get some specifics discussed first and, also, my life is a little wild right now and I can't design my life around the time scedules of the proposals section. If anyone feels strongly enough about this, please feel free to take what you see and make a proposal yourself. Anyway, here's the idea.

Problem: The peer review system isn't working.
Opposing Solutions: Do away with the featured article idea all together--This is a bad idea because it decreases the attention given to contributors.
My Solution: The FA Panel

How the FA Panel Would Work
*Members: one to three hand-picked contributors/sysops/moderators/etc. chosen by Wayoshi, Porple, or some other elite user.
*Their Job: To view the proposed FA's and rate each one from 1 to 10, giving an "Editorial Review" if they wish. Then, they come together and discuss which article they feel is most deserving of the honor. If there is conflict over the article, one should be assigned as the following FA and one for the current FA. However they sort that out is up to them.
*As Time Continues: If the task grows too great, the task could be cycled among the trusted users.


PM Pro
Excellent idea. Not only that, there is a PERFECT extension for the job. Not exactly rates of 1-10, though. See this.

I voted for "needs additions". In short, you can't give an editorial review in that space most likely, discussion should come up to the talk page, with a link in the review. That's all.

In the next version of MediaWiki we can start this.


Hammer Bro.
Retired Wiki Staff
That's great! I was expecting this to be a manual process, but it's going to be a little easier, huh? Go MediaWiki! And Wayoshi for finding it! I don't mind how the concept ends up working, as long as it helps the Wiki! I just really think that the Featured Article was always a great achievement to strive for, and I'm sad to see it fade away.

If you can think of anything I can do for you to help out the process, let me know. I'm not sure if I will be able to help, though... I'm not a computer-mage. :P Anyway, I'm really glad you like the idea! I hope it helps!