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Nerdy Guy

How'd you guys like it? I thought it was pretty awesome. My section could've used some work, but it was really good for a first try. There's atleast 3 extra sections in this issue, so you should check them all out if you didn't already.

Super Mario Bros.

Oh boy! Haha!
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Super Mario Bros.
I say 4/5. I don't think an issue will ever be perfect, because there will always be something (even if it's minor) to improve upon. I think the one major thing we need to improve upon is the amount of sections being sent in, and the quality of those sections. I feel the new rules will help improve the quality as well.


Thank you based god
We did a pretty good job. However, a lot of sections still need work. I do, however, think we're on the path to success.


Star Spirit
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It was definitely an improvement from our previous issues, but I won't be happy until it's much better.