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King Bowser
As some of you (Aka Dry Bones) may know, I'm good at making custom houses with my House-Making Skillz. To make one, I only need you to answer 3 questions.

1. What kind of edit (The "model" of your house)
A. Mario and Luigi's House (2 small floors, easiest for me, quicker YOU get it )
B. Beanbean house (hard for me to do, not much space, cool looking)
C. Little Fungitown house (Small, semi-easy, hard to place excess stuff)
2. who's in the house Picture (the Peach Picture Blanked out, used in all house types)

When you get the house, fill in the poll!

You can be with other users, 4 at maximum. I'll make more than 1 house if you want to be alone, but someone else wants you in there house.
I'll take one.
Hk-47 said:
I'll take one.

description? I can't make on unless you tell me what to add...
choice A and for the picture.................... Simba. His head.
I can already tell this will be awesome.
Hk, NOW I will wok on yours. I'm sorry... I've been blocked and all that good stuff. :(