King Bowser
As some of U may know, I'm blocked... but... ANYWAYS... If anyone wants trophies (Similar to User:Great Gonzos, ask me here. I need:

1. Number of Trophies

2. What they are about (Ex. Baby Gonzo, Winged Gonzo)

3. Text Color (For all of them)

4. Background Color (For all of them)

5. Sprites. Duh.

1. 4

2. "Plain" Gofer, Slighty retarded Gofer, just plain weird Gofer and Gofer teh Great One.

3. Orange

4. Black
with your Spike Sprites or something else?
GG have K. rool sprite, I guess you could borrow them from him.
... that is???
are we talking about ssbm? if so, i got soemthing funny to say
*smacks head into Vanilla Ice Cream*
I want Baby DB and DB and DB Kart(Dry Doom).




Baby Db and Dry Bowser and DB in my kart (Dry Doom).
nah. I'm making one with Me, you (3D), and both of us in 1 trophy!