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It's Atop the Fourth Wall's one year anniversary *SSBB theme starts playing*

That vid was released yesterday, on, of course, Atop the Fourth Wall's one year anniversary. And yes, they really used the Super Smash Bros. Brawl theme. You really have to check this out.

Edit: Oh, and to the other AT4W fans here who haven't seen it yet, it has the full version of the theme, here's the lyrics for the normal version (after the first stanza, it got confusing)

Welcome to Atop the Fourth Wall, where bad comics burn
Linkara's gonna teach them all a lesson to be learned
Brodski, you're not the smartest
Lefield, you're not an artist
Anyone who's had a bad comic published, it could be your turn
He is a man. punch. wears a purty hat
He has a magic gun. Where'd he purchase that?
Coins, robots, amazons and trucks

In other words, I only got the shortened version. DAMN YOU, SMF, DAMN YOU!!!
You do realize there's an autocensor.