Soccer or Football?

Soccer or Football? (please read the paragraph below)

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A Link to the Past and I have some disagreements as to the term we should use in the Mario Strikers Charged article when referring to the sport the game is based off of. He argues that because the sport is more popular in Europe, we should use their name. My arguement (this is my first posting about it) is that since the article title is from North America, the sport name should be too. But, even if that is not true, soccer only has one meaning while football can refer to two sports.

Please vote.
I agree with you, Stumpers. SOCZOR IS TEH CORRECT.
Thank you, thank you! That seems to be what people think on the Wiki too. Someone opened a similar thing on the talk page of MSC.
Well, apparently we're using the European title now because one person wanted to against the view of everyone else, because now the game is locked from movement in the European title.
1) Soccer is one sport that everyone knows about
2) Fottball is two different Sports.
Sweeden could have my babies if she wanted to. I love her that much.
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