Ninja Story! 13 Chapters so far!

Chapter 1: Beginner Training​
At the Ninja Training Tower Many kids come to become Ninja but this year, it’s a bit different. At the Entrance, a 12 year-old girl named Miki walked in, she had long and naturally pink hair and she had a pet Turtle named Mr. Yertenoto. She used Water abilities in Battle and knew telepathy. When she isn’t wearing her samurai suit, she wears a white hoody with faded blue jeans and has blue eyes with long eyelashes. A few seconds later her sister Tiger Lilly walks in. She is 12-years old, has Goldish-Brownish hair, a white dress, a pet Turtle named Danzi, uses Water abilities like her sister and knows telepathy. Suddenly in a puff of smoke, Sensei appears! Sensei wears a Black hooded robe; has a pet panda named Patchy, has mastered all 4 abilities, Fire, Water, Earth and Air and knows Telepathy. “Welcome Students. I am your Sensei, please follow me!” he said. Lilly followed the Sensei slowly with her heart beating like an air pump pumping up a mattress. She then summoned her Inner Ninja and started walking quickly. They stop at the Entrance room. “Sit down” Sensei says as he pulls out the mats and sits on a cushion. Miki sat on the mat. “Today you must tell me your names. What are they? I am Sensei, you may call me Master if you wish” he said. “WAIT!” shouted a boy who was running late. His name is Brant. He has Brown Hair, is funny, is clownish, has Black Pants, a Black Top and is nice to people when they are sad or freaked out. He is 11 Years-old, has a pet Eagle named Rhaith and uses Fire attributes. Lilly ran over to the mat and sat down. She crossed her legs and put her hands together like a prey and bowed her head to the Sensei, showing her his respect. “I am Tiger Lilly, Many call me Lilly. Though master, I mustn’t mind if you call me by my full name. I am a Water Ninja.” She said in a Bell-like voice which sang out like a melody. “Interesting Young Lilly.” He says. Sensei sees Brant run and sit down. "I’m Brant but you can call me stupid! Err... where’s the Brick breaking with Head stuff?" Brant said. Miki’s heart raced, she took a deep breath, and she was over-whelmed. She had never talked to a Real Sensei before. “My name is Miki” she squeaked quickly. Lilly looked up at Sensei’s dusty eyes. “I Believe so” she replied. She then swivelled her head to Brant. “I don’t recall anyone being stupid here. If you were stupid you wouldn’t be here” she said. “Well I’m stupid and I’m here, so you can be stupid and be here! SHUT DOWN!” Brant replied. Sensei looks at Brant and ran lightning speed towards him. Sensei hit Brant right in the chest, sending Brant flying through the air and onto the ground. “SILENCE EVERYONE” he yells. “STAND UP NOW” he yells again. “Could… you… teach me… that speed stuff… ugh.” Brant groans. He then faints. Lilly was startled by the outburst of the Sensei. She didn’t want another ride reply so she stayed silent. She shook herself at the Sensei’s voice and stood up immediately. Brant comes back to his senses. “I have a stomach-ache. It feels like I ate 100 Burgers then threw up.” Brant groaned. “Now you all know what happens when you disobey my rules lets get started.” Sensei says. He Puts his foot on Brant’s body and thrusts him along the ground until he hits a wall. “We will start with blocking!” Sensei shouted. “Lilly, please run at me full speed!” Sensei said. Brant gets up at impossible speeds. “Wow! You HAVE to teach me that. But first, I might learn to block.” Brant said. Miki’s heart raced. She was scared and having second thoughts about becoming a ninja. “Lilly! Help me, i’m scared” Miki attempted to say telepathically but it came out as “Iy! Elp, scar” because Miki had not yet mastered telepathy. Miki then stood up, stiffly like a toy soldier. “Lily, don’t just stand there…” Sensei yelled. Lilly squinted at the Red Mark on Brant’s head from the hit on the wall. She looked at the Sensei and ran at him at the speed of lightning. “I want to run next! Few bumps on the head aren’t enough to take me down!” Brant exclaimed. Sensei lunged his foot out and swipes Lilly across her thighs. She falls over and slides across the floor. Miki sniffled and began sweating; she was fiddling with her hands and was very nervous. “Now young ones, you must remember to keep your guard up at all times!” Sensei said. Lilly then hits Brant while sliding across the floor making him fall over. Sensei sees his students fallen on the ground and smirks. “OW! I’m not a very good guarder, obviously.” Brant said. “As I said, you must keep your guard up at all times!” Sensei said. “I might actually follow THAT rule.” Brant said. Miki really wanted to demonstrate what she could do but the Sensei seemed like a very serious, strict and stern man. She was afraid she would mess up in front of him. Lilly got up and kicked at the Sensei. “It’s alright, Watch and Learn” Lilly said to Miki telepathically because Lilly had already mastered telepathy. Lilly laughed at Brant when he got knocked down, but mainly laughed with him. “Please, can I demonstrate what I can do?” Miki blurted out. She slammed her hands across her mouth and went red. “Hey Miki! You seem freaked out. What’s wrong?” Brant asked. “Fine Miki, let’s see it. Lilly, Brant, run at her!” Sensei said. Miki began to sweat, she stood in defence position and turned herself as hard as stone. “RUN AT HER NOW!” Sensei shouted as he steps back. “BOOYAA! My time to shine” Brant shouts. He starts to run but slips over. “That was embarrassing” Brant said in his head. Miki made a fast motion with her hands and sent a Tornado of Water spiraling at Brant and Lilly but because Brant slipped it missed him and hit Lilly. “HA!” Brant yelled as he shot a Fireball at Miki but she skillfully puts it out before it hit her. “NO NINJA POWERS! YOU MUST BE A YELLOW BELT!” Sensei shouted. Sensei kicks Miki into the wall and says “TRAININGS OVER” and drops a paper on Miki’s body.

Chapter 2: Cookies & Chips​
Brant got up thinking that training was still going and ran at Miki. Miki opened the Paper and started reading it out. Brant then noticed training was over but couldn’t stop running. “Room 1, Miki and Lilly. Room 2, Brant and Sensei” Miki read. While Miki was reading she was as hard as stone and didn’t get hurt when Brant ran into him… but it still hurt Brant. “OW!” Brant says. Brant looks at the paper and starts crying. “WHY! THIS IS SUCH A CRUEL WORLD” Brant shouted. “Before you go to your rooms, I must confess” Sensei said. He then morphed into a 13-Year old boy. “I’m actually 13! You will learn to morph in your ninja stage! And please call me Sensei still!” Sensei said. “Does anybody have a problem with rooms? Brant?” Sensei asked. “Well, it wont be AS bad, but it’s better knowing that you’re only 2-years older than me in my room, but one request sensei.” Brant said. “What is that Brant?” Sensei asked. “PLEASE don’t kick me in the stomach while we’re in the room” Brant said. Sensei laughed and said “I will try not to.” Lilly smiled and Miki ran over to her. “Nice Job!” Lilly said. “Thanks! You did awesome!” Miki replied happily. He starts walking and motions everybody to follow. Everybody follows him into the Eating Room. “This is where we eat. I will call you all when it’s ready. You may now explore.” Sensei said. Brant looked at the girls. “It would be cool to have a friend like that.” Brant sighed. Lilly grinned at Brant. “Glad to be strong!” she said. Lilly walked over to Brant. And put her arm around his shoulder playfully. “You know what?” she sighed. “I am strong!” she laughed and joined her sister. Brant walks outside. “WOW! This place looks Beautiful… I mean Awesome” Brant said. “I’m glad nobody knows how lonely I am” he thought. Sensei smirks at Brant and says telepathically “You know I can hear what you’re thinking!” Brant then remembers everybody but himself can hear what he’s thinking. “…” Brant didn’t say anything as he ran into his room and hid in the cupboard. Miki wanders into her room at the same time as Sensei looking for Brant. Sensei looked at Miki dreamily while walking. While in her room Miki smiled and said “I feel like a real ninja already!” While Brant is hiding in the cupboard could hear Miki say “I feel like a real ninja already” and responded in his head “I don’t” Sensei then opens cupboards and yells “You can’t hide from me!” Miki pretended not to notice Sensei looking at her that way. “?!?!?!?” she thought. Brant walks out of the cupboard. “How about we be clear and not have too many secrets.” Brant says. “Okay! My real name is Keehan! Not Sensei!” he told Brant and the others through telepathy. Miki sat on her bed and thought of the look Keehan gave her. “That was just… weird!” she thought. “My life isn’t as good as I say it is. My only friends died and my Family kicked me out!” Brant said as a tear leaked out. Miki got up and went to the kitchen to look for cookies. She has a big craving for cookies. “You’re lucky Brant. I never had parents! I was bought up by Panda’s.” Keehan said. “Hang on, I want some food.” Keehan Says. He goes to the kitchen and bumps into Miki. He blushes. Brant then walks into the kitchen and grabs some chicken chips. “DELICIOUS!” Brant says. “Don’t say a word” Keehan thought but accidentally blurted out “Hi!” He looks at Brant then looks back at Miki. Miki turns around and sees Keehan blushing at her which makes her blush back. “Can I have some cookies?” she asks pointing to the top shelf. “Hey Sensei! Just talk to her! It’s not like you have feelings for her! Do you?” Brant says. Miki then goes a deep red. Brant sees the cookies and jumps to them. “Yum, Cookies! Want some.” Brant asks. “Yes please” she said trying to get out of the whole blushing thing. “Hey Sensei! Do you have Coke? My trip here was long.” Brant asked. Keehan blushes again because of what Brant said. He then grabs Brant and drags him out of the room and Brant leaves the cookies in the Kitchen. “What are you two blushing about?” Brant asks. Miki pulls her hoodie up trying to cover the red cheeks. She then grabs the cookie jar. Keehan drags Brant into their room and throws him onto the bed. “YOU IDIOT!” Keehan yells. Miki realizes Brant has left the room and shoots herself to the cookies using a spiral of water. Keehan is making small air balls to throw at Brant but gives in and slumps on the bed. “What?” Brant asked but then thought. “PLEASE DON’T KICK ME!” Brant pleaded. Keehan just sighs. Miki reaches into the cookie jar and takes out a chocolate chip cookie and takes small bites. “These are good.” She says. “I can see you like her. Try to impress her” Brant said. Keehan ignores Brant and runs to the kitchen. “Um… Hi sorry about that. Want to come see something?” Keehan asked. Lilly giggled to herself when she saw Keehan blush. “Well, do you Miki?” Keehan asked again. “Sure Keehan” Miki replied.

Chapter 3: The Fish Pond​
Brant walked into the garden and started thinking about his life. He starts crying. “Follow me!” Keehan said. Miki follows Keehan wondering what he has to show her. Keehan walks into the garden and sees Brant crying but he leads Miki away from him and to a Fish Pond. “This is my secret spot!” Keehan said. Brant walks back into the Kitchen but Lilly sees him crying. Brant then runs to his room and slams the door. “Oh… It’s beautiful. My turtle has somewhere to swim now.” Miki said sitting down next to the pond. “Hehe, I think he likes you “ Lilly said to Miki telepathically. Lilly turned invisible and followed them. Lilly turned around to where Brant is and she shifted the door. “Brant?” she asked. Keehan sits next to Miki near the pond. Lilly listened to Keehan’s thoughts and giggled. “Huh! Oh yeah, she saw me. That makes my life a tiny bit worse.” Brant said to himself. Miki goes red because of what Lilly said telepathically. She lied down on her stomach and swirled her fingers around in the water. Keehan looks at Miki dreamily again and senses Lilly. “Go away” he said to Lilly telepathically. Miki looked at Keehan and saw him looking back so she turned her head and blushed a deep red. Just then a new girl came named Mina. She was 12, had aqua blue hair blue eyes, wore a white Ninja gown, knew telepathy and she is the step sister of Miki and Lilly. She is an Earth ninja and has a Panda named Finalli. Lilly opened Brant’s door a little bit. “Hey Brant, what’s wrong?” she asked but Brant remembered something and ran out of the room. Lilly started to follow but saw her pet Turtle Danzi and stopped to stroke her shell. “Caught you” she said to Miki telepathically and Miki replied with “Nowhere near you” Brant stops at the pond where Keehan and Miki are and whistles. His eagle named Rhaith came to him. “Rhaith” he says happily. Rhaith and Brant can read each others thoughts because of their friendship. “So Rhaith how are you doing and what happened to that poor dog at the bus stop?” Brant asked. Just then a new boy named Alec came in. he was 13, wears a White top, brown hair and eyes and knew telepathy. He used Fire abilities and had a pet Snake named Dusty. “ALL STUDENTS TO ENTRANCE ROOMS!” Keehan shouts. “You’re such a suck for pets” Rhaith said. “They’re the only thing in this world that make me happy” Brant said. He saw the new kids and said “Hello. My name’s Brant. You’re new I see.” But they didn’t hear him and Brant thought they were ignoring him. “See you soon Rhaith” Brant said as Rhaith flew off and Brant walked with Keehan.

Chapter 4: Telepathy Talk​
“I wonder when we get better belts” Brant thought in his head. Lilly laughed at Brant’s thoughts. “Saying hi, would’ve been nice but nobody wants to be my friend” Brant thought. Miki looked at Keehan and her heart started beating quickly and her blue eyes flashed. Lilly replied to Brant telepathically “I’m your friend” Mina suddenly looked at Alec dreamily. “Mina!” her mind whispered to her and she snapped out of it. Keehan walks into the entrance room. “Hello everyone! I am your sensei! Please find a partner here and go into a room! My other students can give you all a tour and tell you about things.” Keehan said. He runs to Miki. “Sorry about that” He said. Miki snapped out of her long gaze and looked back into the water. Alec walked over to Mina. “Can I be your partner?” he asked. “A friend… I would’ve never thought that… someone… would be my friend” Brant thought. “s-s-sure” Mina replied shyly. Brant sighed “I’m going to get left out… AGAIN!” Brant said. Keehan continues to look at Miki dreamily. “SNAP OUT OF IT KEEHAN!” he yelled to himself. He continues to think about Miki. Miki heard Brant’s thoughts too. “I’m your friend too…” she said through telepathy to Brant. She smiled because her telepathy worked perfectly. “I’m getting better at this!” she thought to herself. Lilly snapped out of thought-speech. “I’ll be your friend Brant” She said. Lilly then butted into Keehan’s thoughts. “You like my sister?” she asked through telepathy. Miki was picking up some of Keehan’s thoughts but couldn’t hear them properly. “Um… Yes. Are you ok with me having feelings for her?” Keehan asked telepathically to Lilly. Lilly said telepathically to Miki “He likes you” then replied to Keehan “Yeah, I’m right with it.” Miki realized it was getting dark. “Um... I’m going inside now, ok.” Miki said. She got up and walked inside. “Ok, something’s wrong, nobody EVER wants to be my friend” Brant thought. “Sure” Brant said weirdly. “Ok” Keehan says to Miki, and then mumbles “I like you” Miki ignored Lilly, went into their room and got changed into her night gown. Lilly said “Bye” to Brant telepathically and then followed Miki into their room. Alec then looked at Mina dreamily. “Don’t ignore me!” Lilly said to Miki. “I think Alec likes me… don’t you think?” Mina asked Miki telepathically and then looked at Alec, wondering if he likes her. Brant walked up to Keehan “You to are perfect for each other” Brant said. Brant thinks about how Lilly said bye. “Hey Sensei!” Brant said. Miki walked into the bathroom and brushed her long naturally hot pink, shiny hair. She put her dressing gown on and waited at the dining table for dinner. “Ok, maybe he likes me” Miki says to Lilly Telepathically. “Yeah, I think he does…” Lilly replied. “What?” Keehan says as he turns to look at Brant. Miki decided to be helpful and set the table for dinner. Alec followed Brant and realized he was in the wrong room. “Umm, woops. Do you mind if I stay here? You are the only guys.” Alec says. “Yeah, Sure Alec” Brant replies. “OH, I FORGOT!” Keehan yelled.

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Nerdy Guy

That was pretty good. :)
It's kind of like a 60's Saturday morning cartoon version of Naruto with Avatar: The Last Air Bender and The Simpsons thrown in there. (yes, I do watch alot of TV)
i never thought of it that way... anyway here are some more. (Yes, its not over!)
*if you havent cought on yet, being like this is telepathy or thoughts in their head.*

Chapter 5: Dinner​
He run’s to the dining room and quickly made dinner with his powers. He sets out a large fiest on the table and sat down next to Miki. Brant runs into the room quickly. “DINNER!” he yells and starts to dig in. Miki pretends not to look at Keehan but does. She rolls up the sleeves of her dressing gown and begins to eat. Keehan watches Brant pig out then starts to eat. He slowly grabs a few pieces of food and accidentally puts his hand on Miki’s. He looks up at Miki feeling scared. Alec went to sit next to Mina on the table. Lilly sat next to Alec. Keehan was so shocked that he didn’t take his hand off Miki’s Mina walks into the dining room looking spic and spam as usual. Lilly burst out laughing and Alec gave her a weird look. She giggled quieter. “Isn’t it obvious now” she telepathically asked Keehan. Miki quickly removed her hand from under Keehan’s and goes red and then goes on like it didn’t happen. “Can you please pass the basket of bread?” she asks Keehan. “What Lily?” Keehan replied telepathically to Lily. Brant finished eating. “I’m going outside” Brant said as he walked into the dark night. A dog walked up to Brant. “Hey it’s the dog I found at the bus stop. I’m calling you Nick after my first and only friend… that died…” Brant sighed. Mina goes and sits down next to Alec. Lilly went quite again with her cheeks going red with laughter. “You’ll have to hide out the front Nick. I’ll introduce you tomorrow.” Brant said to Nick. “What’s Obvious?” Keehan replied to Lilly telepathically. Brant walks back in and asks “Is there seconds?” “It’s obvious that you like Miki” Lilly said to Keehan telepathically. Miki gets some fried rice while she waits for Keehan to pass the bread. “Oh my god, you like food, don’t you?” Lilly asked Brant. “Can you please pass me some apple juice” Mina asked Alec. “Sure” Alec said. Keehan looks at Miki. “Um, I think I’ll go to my room now” Keehan said as he walked to his room. Brant walks into his room. “I better unpack” Brant said. Miki sighs and starts eating her fried rice. Mina grabs the jug and accidentally spills it Alec and herself. Alec jumped up in surprise. Lilly grinned at Miki. “I’m going back to my room.” Lilly said out loud. Keehan goes into his room and lights some candles. He laid on the bed and tried to get into Miki’s mind to see if she likes him. He quickly get’s into Lilly’s mind and asks “Can you see me in your room?” telepathically. Miki looked back down and continued eating her fried rice. When Miki finished her fried rice and grabbed some Pumpkin Soup, Bread and Butter and started eating. Keehan sighed and waited for Lilly. “Hey Sensei! Do you like your life?” Brant asked. Lilly heard Keehan’s thoughts and skipped over to the room. “Um, I like my life I guess” Keehan replied. “I’m really s-s-sorry” she said Alec then blushed. “You’re lucky to have someone like Miki have feelings for you. I’d never have anybody to have feelings for me.” Brant said. “Miki doesn’t like me. I don’t think” Keehan said. Miki only half finished her food then had enough. She went to their room and took her dressing gown off so that she had her Night gown. She lit the lantern and put it on dim and tried to get some sleep. “Have you guy’s seen each other? You Blush all the time.” Brant said. “Oh, it’s all right” Alec said as he helped her clean it up. “Oh yeah, he does like you” Lilly said telepathically to Mina. Miki could see the Shadow in the boy’s room and sighed when she saw Keehan’s. Lilly got into Miki’s head. “Well?” She sighed. “Have I told you my only friend died two years ago?” Brant asked Keehan.

Chapter 6: Midnight​
Keehan looked at Miki’s shadow and walked out of his room and yelled “MIDNIGHT! EVERYONE TO BED!” then knocked on Miki’s door. “Oh thanks.” Mina says to Alec. “Ok… he really likes me…” Mina said to Miki telepathically. Keehan knocks on Miki’s door again hoping Lilly doesn’t hear. Miki knew Lilly was in her thoughts and tried to block her out. “Banana, Banana, Banana…” Miki thought to herself. Miki answered the door, her eyes widened when she saw Keehan. “Yes… Keehan?” she asked, clearly shocked. “Let’s hope tomorrow is a better day, and hopefully no stomach kicks.” Brant said to himself. Lilly walked out to the garden and focused unaware of anything else happening. “Get some warm clothes on” Keehan whispered. Mina walked into the girls’ room. “Banana…?” Mina asked Lilly telepathically. “…” Keehan and Miki just stood there. “Ok” she replied as she closed the door slowly. She went to her cupboard and put on her long-sleeved, thick, wool night gown. Lilly listened to the sound of nature, blocking out everything else. Lilly heard Mina. “Don’t go in there!” Lilly hissed telepathically to Mina. Keehan waits for Miki outside. Miki flopped onto her bed tiredly. Lilly went into the girl’s room. It started to rain heavily outside which made Miki drift off to sleep. Keehan continued to wait. Lilly got into Miki’s thoughts. “Keehan” she hissed loudly. “Why not?” Mina replied to Lilly. Mina saw a huge spider on her door. “HOLY COW! There’s A HUGE SPIDER ON MY DOOR!” Mina said telepathically to Miki, Lilly & Alec. Miki woke up and screamed “DON’T DO THAT” to Lilly telepathically. Brant was sleep talking. “No, WATCH OUT NICK!” Brant yelled and woke up. “That’s the same dream for two years. I remember the time we defeated that bully in battle. But days with friends are over for me.” Lilly looked at the spider through Mina’s eyes. “It’s a spider” she said to Mina with telepathy. “Keehan’s waiting” Lilly said to Miki through telepathy. Miki went back to sleep. “Keehan!” Lilly hissed, almost yelling. “Go and meet him.” “I hate you.” Mina said to Lilly. Mina walks into the bedroom and was so tired she just fell asleep standing up and fell on Miki. Keehan walks off to the Boy’s room sadly. He opens the door and looks at Brant, yawns and lies down and started reading a book. “What’s wrong Keehan?” Brant asked. “Nothing is wrong Brant” Keehan replied. “Yeah, you walk in and sigh, of course something is wrong.” Brant said.

Chapter 7: Breakfast​
Keehan looks at the time trying to stall. “Wowza! Its 6:00” Keehan says surprised. He gets up and runs into the dining room. “Better make breakfast!” he says to himself. “You like anyone yet?” Lilly asked Brant. Mina wakes up and goes to the dining room. Miki got up and stretched. She went to the bathroom and had a spa bath. “Morning Mina” Keehan said as he set up cereal, pancakes and toast for breakfast. “I can’t speak telepathically” Brant said to himself. “Guard the food from Patchy, my Panda. He will eat this if he gets the chance. Lilly raced over to Keehan. “You love her!” Lilly said. “Shut up Lilly” Keehan smirked. Brant walks into the dining room. “Pancakes… PANCAKES” Brant yelled, waking everybody up. Mina forgot to pass by the bathroom and went there to freshen up. She put her silky baby blue ninja night gown on, curled and sprayed her hair and went back to the dining room. Keehan goes into the bathroom, gets into the bath and reads a book again. He gets out, gets dressed and went back to the dining area. Miki got out of the spa bath, put on her hoodie and faded blue jeans, brushed her hair and then sat at the dining table for breakfast. Mina sat down and waited for Alec. Brant runs toward the table but slips and gets his head stuck in the ground. “OW!” He yelled. “Umm… will someone bring some pancakes down here?” Brant asked. Miki pushed a pancake onto her plate, got a bowl and put some cereal in it and poured herself a glass of orange juice. Alec raced towards the table to sit next to Mina. Keehan walks into the dining room and sits down. He isn’t hungry so he goes outside to watch the sunrise. Brant pulls his head out of the floor. “Oh, my head” Brant groans. Miki gets up and goes to see if Brant is ok. “Uhhh… are you ok?” she asks, giggling. “It’s beautiful, isn’t it Patchy? Patchy?” Keehan said to his pet Panda. Patchy ran deeper into the garden. “Silly panda won’t see hi for days now” Keehan says to himself. “I’m fine, just a bit… wait, where are the pancakes?” Brant says. Miki laughed and got some pancakes for Brant. Brant grabs the pancakes. “Thanks” he says as he ran outside. “NICK, RHAITH, COME OUT, I HAVE BREAKFAST!” Brant yells. Nick and Rhaith come to Brant. “Here you go. When you finish, I’m going to introduce you Nick.” Brant says to his pets.

Chapter 8: Hedge Maze​
Miki finishes her breakfast and goes to put on a white flowing dress and puts leave in conditioner and brushed her hair. She put on some white flats and went for a walk in the garden. She hums a beautiful tune. Brant sees Miki. “Nick, Hide! It has to be a surprise.” Brant whispered to his dog. Keehan sees Miki and gets nervous. He looks at the sunrise again. The sky is now a beautiful orange/pinky/red color. He sighs. Miki’s beautiful, thick, hot pink, shiny hair flows behind her elegantly as she walks through the garden and the sunrise makes her eyes shimmer. Mina finishes her breakfast. “Bye Alex, see you later” Mina said. Mina then winked. Brant walks over to Keehan. “What are you waiting for go” Brant said. “Go what?” Keehan asked. “It’s not like you can’t see Miki over there” Brant said. Keehan kicks Brant into the pond and walks over to Miki. “Hey! What’s up?” Keehan says. “…I help him and he kicks me.” Brant sighs. “I guess that’s just his way of being friendly, well, at least to me…” Brant says. Mina hurries off and uses a skill called Airboost-A to get to Miki. “Hiya Miki” she says. Miki hums quietly, it sound beautiful. She stops humming when she sees Keehan. “Hi Keehan” she says sweetly. “Oh, Hi Mina” she says when she sees her. “Hey Miki, come with me. Only me and you alright.” Keehan asks. He doesn’t wait for an answer and pulls her through a maze of hedges. “I better go get into my ninja clothes” Brant says to himself. Brant runs to his room leaving a trail of water behind him. Miki wonders where Keehan is taking her. Brant sees Miki and Keehan run through the maze of hedges but only takes notice of the maze. “I didn’t see the Hedge Maze there! I love mazes.” Brant says to himself. Brant runs into the maze. “Ok, where to start?” Brant says to himself. “Never ever go into this maze without me, once your in, you wont get out and I mean WONT! It uses magic to try and trap you” Keehan says to Brant telepathically but Brant doesn’t take any notice. Keehan and Miki stop at the other side of the maze. Miki gasps. Suddenly, Brant gets trapped! “DARN! I was almost half way through. What to do, AH-HA! Maybe its time to try telepathy” Brant said to himself. “There points sunrise. It’s beautiful” Keehan says. “Hello can anybody hear me?” “Doesn’t seem to be working” Brant says. Mina tries to find Miki using her head finder, and finds Brant on the way, but ignores him. “Yeah… It is…” Miki says in a trance. Miki screams in surprise when she sees Mina. Keehan continues to look into Miki’s eyes dreamily. He thinks about his feelings for her. He sees Mina, “HOW DID YOU?..” Keehan yells. “WOOHOO, Telepathy works! Now to annoy Keehan like crazy!” “Keehan! I’m a ghost, you should go jump in the pond you pushed Brant in, wooooooooo” “I think its working!” Brant says. “SHUT UP BRANT, THAT’S IT!” Keehan teleports back into his room and hides in the corner staring into a candle with tears in his eyes.

Chapter 9: Day Off​
“Time to somehow escape” Brant thinks. “I know! Time to test out my newest yet strongest technique… FLAME AURA!” Brant yells as the bars around him burn. “BOOYAA, I’m on a roll, first telepathy now this!” Brant says. Miki looks back at where Keehan was standing and squeals when she sees he has left. Keehan gets up. “CLASS TIME! EVERYONE TO THE ENTRANCE!” Keehan yells. Brant jumps really high and lands on the roof. “Urgh… Stomach hurts… more than it hurts when… Keehan kicks me.” Brant groans. Miki water boosts herself to her room; she gets changed into her Samurai Suit and goes to the entrance. Brant falls through the roof and lands in front of Keehan at the Entrance. “Hey Keehan, did my telepathy work?” Brant asks. He looks at Brant and kicks him through the wall and off a cliff. He smirks, “I hope he dies”, he snickers “Just kidding.” He grabs Brant before he fell. “Whoa, I feel light-headed” Brant said as he was upside down. Miki waits for instructions. Mina water boosts to the entrance and stands next to Miki and Alec. “Everyone Class is cancelled today! Just for you all to have a rest. Now I need to talk to Miki in a private room. Follow me Miki” Keehan explained. Miki follows. He walks to a stone staircase. “Up here Miki” He said. He walks up, says a few words and the doors open. He sits on a comfy chair. “I wonder what they’re doing” Brant says to Mina. “Hey Mina, did it work?” Brant asks. “Has Lilly told you anything?” Keehan asks. Brant walks outside and starts to play with his pets Nick and Rhaith. “I should start training!” Brant says to himself as he starts training his fire powers. “Um… Sort of” Miki replies. “What has she told you? Anything about me?” Keehan asks. There is an awkward silence. “Well?” Keehan asks. “Yes, about you” She replies. “Was it about feelings or anything?” He asks. “Yes about feelings” She replies. “Now that Flame Aura is perfected, it’s time to start my running” Brant says as he starts to run. “It’s already at above average speed but I need to perfect it to become the strongest ninja!” He says. He stops. “Time to do some ‘Life or Death Rope Training’” he says as a Flame Rope appears and he starts skipping. “Oh… What would you say if they were true?” He asks. He gets annoyed and walks out of the room and down the stairs into the garden. He opens a trap door and squeezes in. He goes through a dark hallway and opens another door. He walks into a large room with a rectangular rock with something shiny on it!

ill put up the rest and some bios next time
Chapter 10: Meditation​
“Hey Keehan, BOO!” “He is going to kick me so hard for that” Brant says. “I’m going to go look for him, I need to know if it worked or he will yell at me telepathically” Brant said. Keehan walks out of the room and into the garden. He closes the door and walks inside. Brant finds him. “Hey, did it work?” He asked. “Yes, it worked” Keehan says. He rushes into Brant and throws him through a wall. “WHOA! It worked, YAY!” Brant says. Keehan walks into his room and lies on the bed. Brant jumps on the window. “Hey, what happened?” He asks. “Nothing is happening! Yeesh” He answers with a smile on his face. Brant walks into the room. “Are you serious? Did my telepathy work?” Brant asks. “Yes! Yeesh!” He says as he makes a small air ball and throws it at Brant. “Those air balls feel like ghosts, I could scare everyone, you HAVE to me teach me them!” Brant says. Keehan sighs and turns invisible. “Oh, that’s even BETTER, who cares about the air balls, teach me THAT!” Brant says. “Good bye Brant” Keehan says and he teleports to a secret area. “That’s cool too, you can teach me that too where ever you are. Hello?” Brant says. Keehan sits on a small cushion, crosses his legs and meditates. “Wherever he is, Time to annoy” “Hey Keehan, BOO!” Brant says. He blocks out Brant’s telepathy. Brant walks outside. “Where is everybody? Are they all sleeping in?” He asks himself. Keehan opens his eyes, jumps out a random window, jumps against some poles and lands on a small island in the middle of the Garden Lake. “Time to explore that hedge maze! Last time it was hard but my speed is faster than sound now!” Brant speeds through the maze with fantastic speed. “Wow! It’s easy when the traps can’t get you” He says. Brant speed back out. That was fun! There is one area I haven’t seen yet, The Gardens!”

Chapter 11: Power Fight!​
Brant says. Keehan sees Brant and runs at him full speed! He smirks. “Hey! What are you doing?” Keehan says and quickly throws an Ice ball at him! “POWER FIGHT!” He yells. Brant freezes. “Hey! I can’t use my powers, I’m a White Belt!” but all that came out was “Hrm e Crut sue puwoo em wil bu!” but Keehan understood him. “I upgraded you to a Yellow Belt now!” He replied. Brant melts the ice. “Awesome! FIREBALL BARRAGE!” Brant yelled as he shot lots of Fireballs and made a Flame Aura for protection. Brant thinks for a moment and stops his attacks. “Let’s go somewhere not flammable” He says. They move to the concrete bridge outside. “Whirlwind TWIST” Keehan yells. A small tornado comes out of his hands and sucks in air. “FIREBALL BARRAGE” Brant yells. Lots of Fireballs come out of his hands and then he makes a Flame Aura for protection. Brant runs at full speed with Fire on his hand. Keehan sucks the fireballs up with a tornado and sends them back at Brant tripping him over. He jumps in the water and swims to the bottom of the lake and uses his earth powers to make an island of dirt. “WHOA! OW!” Brant yells. He gets up at impossible speed and jumps in the water chasing Keehan but gets hit by the rising island of dirt. He swims back up and jumps onto the bridge. “Water isn’t my favourite place to battle, why’d I jump in?” Brant says. “PATCHY ATTACK” Keehan yells. His pet Panda, Patchy jumps onto the dirt island and makes a loud noise. “Rhaith! Time for an Air and Fire combo!” Brant says. Brant shoots a Fireball and Rhaith shoots a Whirlwind. They dodge it and Keehan creates a big wave of fire! “TSUNAMI WAVE!” He yells and it hits Brant. “Patchy you take out the eag…STOP!” Keehan yells. Brant accidently absorbs the fire and shoots a massive Flame Beam upwards. Keehan looks at the water and sees small ripples. “BRANT! INSIDE, NOW!” He yelled. He jumps onto the bridge and runs towards the dojo. “I… Feel sick… ugh.” Brant groans. He faints. Weird creatures that look like mermaids with legs grab Brant by the legs and drag him in the water. Brant wakes up in the water being dragged. “Hey Keehan, Is this one of your attacks?” Brant asked. “NO!” Keehan yelled. “FIRE STRIKE!” He yells. He makes complicated wave of arms and suddenly a Large Flame Tornado appears and attacks one of the creatures. He jumps into the water and gets Brant onto the bridge. “Nice Attack! You HAVE to teach me that!” Brant said. “GET INSIDE, NOW! DON’T COME OUT! I HAVE TO GO!” Keehan yells. He runs into the water and dives. “Uh… Ok” “If that wasn’t an attack could he be not telling us something?” Brant thought as he walked inside. Keehan ran into the forest.

Chapter 12: Under the Lake​
Keehan jumps out of the forest after Brant walked inside and attacked some creatures at the speed of light, killing them all! He sighs, “This is getting old!” He says. He walks into the garden and opens a secret room! He makes a dirt room full of weapons using his earth powers. He picks up a Samurai Sword and some Ninja Stars! “Where is everybody? Did they get dragged down by those monsters?” Brant said. He thinks. “Time to find out what is going on!” he says. He walks into his room and goes through his stuff. He finds an Advanced Water Suit that lets him breath, talk and swim faster under water. It was made by his Dad. “I knew this would come in handy!” He said. He dives into the water. “Now I can breath, talk and swim fast. Now to find out what’s going on” He said underwater. He swims to the bottom and walks along it. “There has to be something down here” He said. Suddenly some Monsters appear! “Uh-oh, maybe I should’ve listened.” He said. “FIREBALL” Brant yells but nothing comes out because he’s underwater. “Uh… Oh…” Brant says. He starts swimming away with the Monsters right behind him. “I still have Hands and feet so why am I swimming away?” He said. He turns around and dives right into them with punches and kicks. He swims to the top and lands on the rocky edge. “Time to Burn!” He says. He puts his hand in the water and boils it. The monsters jump on the land. “Advantage, Me!” He says. “CIRCLE OF FIRE” Brant yells and it traps him and the monsters in a Flame Circle. They charge at him. “FLAME AURA” He yells. The monsters run into the aura and get roasted. Brant stops the Fire Circle and Aura. “I’ll just eat these for lunch since Keehan isn’t here.” He says. Keehan jumps out of the forest and some creatures out of nowhere killing them! Brant stares. “Keehan! Where did you go and what were you doing?” Brant asks. “ANSWER ME” Brant shouts angrily. “I WAS FINDING PATCHY! Sheesh, Get off my case!” He yells. “OK, Thanks for the information” “I wonder why he randomly killed a monster though?” Brant thinks. “Hey Keehan! What about our battle?” Brant asks. He walks outside and sits on the bridge. “Now to wait for Keehan, so we can finish that battle” Brant thought. Lilly came out of the Dojo and grinned. She shot a Water Ball at Brant. Brant gets hit. “What was that for?” He asks. “Some fun,” She replies. Brant mumbles to himself. “Have you seen where Alec is? Or Lilly? I haven’t seen them in a while.” Mina asks Miki. “Sorry, but No” Miki replies. Alec walks out of the Dojo and smiles at Mina. “Hi!” He said. Lilly grinned and walked over to Mina. “I’m here!” She said. “Oh, hi Alec” Mina blushes. “Hi Lilly” Mina says to Lilly. “I found them” Mina says to Miki.

Chapter 13 is being worked on by Me and the group, two new people are now playing!They are both girls and one is named Sakura (lol Naruto fan)
the group and i play the roleplay of this on teh Beanie Kid Forum. They have come up with teh greatest Forum games of all time... Roleplays! But with the double post rule it doesnt work, they dont have it.


Name: Keehan
Role by: Bucky
Rank: Sensei
Age: 13
Bio: A Boy of great Ninja and Elemental Skills. He is impatient and when angry, he usualy gives into his kind nature and gets rid of it.
Miki: They are madly in love with eachother but dont want to admit it. Brant usualy ruins the moments they have together.
Lilly: knowing that Miki has a sister is scary, especially when he has to talk to her. He usualy talked about Miki with her (Through telepathy). He recently found out Lilly was telling Miki about his fellings.
Brant: These two are just... weird! Brant usualy gets beaten up by Keehan but they are good friends but Keehan tries not to show it. They usualy have fun or laugh about most dangerous stuff or fights.
Mina: They hardly talk to eachother but he finds it annoying that she interupts His and Mikis time together using her Head Finder.
Alec: These two havent talked to eachother so their relationship is a mystery!?!

Name: Miki
Role by: FinlayKameko (Old Name: _chocolate_thunder)
Rank: White Belt
Age: 12
Bio: A young girl who is very shy. She doesnt use her powers often and is very beatiful.
Relationships: write up later

Name: Tiger Lilly (Lilly for short)
Role by: Luna_Ripple
Rank: White Belt
Age: 12
Bio: She is as young as her sister Mik though she is slighty younger. Even though Lilly is younger than Miki she acts older and is taller. She likes to brag and show off but can be nice... sometimes.
Relationships: write up later

Name: Brant
Role by: Me
Rank: Yellow Belt
Age: 11
Bio: Although he is young, he can take a beating. He is the clown of the group and is a great ninja, being the only Yellow Belt while the others are on White Belt still.
Relationships: write up later

Name: Mina
Role by: VanesseUmiko (Old Name: BeanieMiniMe)
Rank: White Belt
Age: 12
Bio: She is a nice girl and has a crush on Alec. She uses different abilities she has created and has a machine called a Head Finder. She talks to Miki through telepathy alot.
Relationships: later

Name: Alec
Role By: Luna_Ripple
Age: 13
Rank: White Belt
Rest up later