Is the Marioverse fanon when used as an actual location?

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I've been noticing that we link to the Marioverse a lot in our articles. I was wondering if that's canonical? I could see an explaination as to why someone fits into the Marioverse, and thus our realm of articles, but as to say, "Mario exists in the Marioverse" for example (not a real quote, btw) seems a little... fanon-ish.
It's just a term we use, like species or character. Although we could say Universe or something, as we have an article on it. I dunno.
I thought of it as fanon, but it just is Mario's Universe, though I doubt it would be named after him :smug:
It's not a location so much as a "state of existence", like the DC Comic Universe(Which encompasses multiple storylines/spinoffs). The name is purely fanmade, and serves as an easier way to say "The plane of existence in which the Super Mario series and all related spinoffs take place."
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Yeah...nice job.

True. I never noticed how cool ChrisAlassal was; I've always hated him ever since my edit to that one article he made counted as his... maybe. :smug:
Good description... we should put that in the article.

But, aren't we (the real world) part of that?

I'm writing a fanfic that explains the entire Marioverse and universe thing.
Be sure to post it when you're done!

But, back on topic... do you think it has a place in articles?

If it was the official name, than tottaly100%ohfisul.

It's OK the way it is.
Instead of a page on "The Mario Universe" (too bookish) of "Plit" (100% fanon) we have the "Marioverse", another name for "The Mario Universe".

Yeah. In SSBM, this universe is called "Mushroom Kingdom", but that would be false, since Mushroom Kingdom isn't the only place in that universe.
3dejong said:
Instead of a page on "The Mario Universe" (too bookish) of "Plit" (100% fanon) we have the "Marioverse", another name for "The Mario Universe".


I want to say that my hatred for the term "Plit" is so great I could snap a duck's head in two just thinking about it. That has nothing to do with this topic at all.
Not the Stumpers-Duck, please!!!

I get how we use it, and it's good to have an article, it's just when someone says, "the blah-blah has a significant role in the Marioverse" you might as well be using... Plit. Whatever that means.
Plit, the stupidest fanon term ever (which is actually for Mario's planet, not his universe), is from Lemmy's Land. Lemmy's Land eval.

...And I won't snap the Stumpers-Duck's head in two as his master has 389 posts. 389. 398. Cool. Cheese.
Yowza... I have a sudden temptation to spam like crazy.
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