SmileyBoo Advanced! Universe

Planet Orbit

I is da muno muno
Come one, come all! Welcome to the SmileyBoo Advanced! Universe HQ! Staff: Lil'Boo, Palkia47, Me, and Arend! Enjoy your stay!

SmileyBoo Advanced! Universe is the latest installment of the SmileyBoo Advanced! series. It is the first MMOG in the series.

Kryaty - MarioWiki - Shoots fire - Defeated by throwing Edits at it 5 times

Edits are the currency of this game. To earn edits, one must connect the game to the computer via the Connect button, going to, and going to your edit count. It will automatically transfer the number of edits you have into the game. Main edits equal 100 Edits, discussion equals 50, snd any other equals 10. Once you have your edits in your save file, you can buy items. They can also be used for attacks. If you edit while connected, you will get Edits, depending on which category you are editing.

Please ask the staff for questions! PM us, or post a message here!