Naked Pichu

Aiko Heiwa

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It's a naked Pichu.
Togepi said:

It's a naked Pichu.
It's pretty good, but it's just a simple Pichu though. If you could pull off a naked Shuckle, I'd be seriously impressed.
Carl XVI Gustaf said:
Did you seriously ban him, or did you just make a joke? It's kind of hard to tell if it's a joke or not when someone actually has the power to ban. :-\
Maybe the fact that Smiddle can't ban will clear up the misconception.
AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! NAKED PICHU!!!!!!!! *I look in a mirror* I command you to die, and quickly!!!
King_boo_X said:
Togepi said:
Super Happy Nerd Time said:
Togepi said:
You know Pichu is cute without her frill.
It's a girl Pichu? :toad:
:boo: some pichus are male and some pichus are female!!! lol a simple edit, but still awesome, a naked torkoal next xD
You might have to wait a while. Ugozima (Togepi) was recently banned for minor ammount of rule breakage.
Thom Yorke said:
What was he banned for?
A risqué Mindless Junk topic. It was named "It's rapin' time!", the content was just a screenshot of an episode of Pokémon where Togepi had an evil looking face. MST3K also joined in and posted a picture of I think it was Crash Man with an eviler looking face. x_x
Ugo also posted another picture of that girl from that new Pokémon special in Japan, also with an evil looking face. There also was an off-topic picture of two maids saying "Bonjour", and a picture Uniju posted of some guy dressed up as tree for some kind play. (Uni tried to turn it into an itt random images thread) I guess Ugo was banned for the all the suggestiveness. :-\