Need a science fair project idea

Aiko Heiwa

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Ok, I just need an idea for the science fair, I have until December to do the project, (December 19, the day before Decemberween Break)

I had an idea that was good, but the Denny's wouldn't let me do it.

My current idea, "How long does it take to annoy people by blasting the Pokemon Theme and PokeRap through a microphone" doesn't work either.

I have a book full of these things. :waluigi:
There's always the trusty lemon-powered battery, or you can shove rasins in a water bottle and make them float around by strangling it. It's supposed to teach you how submarines or something works. I need to check the book. I can give you some more ideas if you can't think of anything.
1. Make giant robot.
2. Kill everyone.
3. ???
1. pick a food item
2. add a random substance to your food, along with water or something, maybe.
3. record results
4. guess as to why what happened happened.
5. A+
Do you think this is a good idea for a science fair project?

I compare something using ramen noodles.

Maybe, weight before and after preparing.
Sharks Territory said:
Grow bean plants in the light and in the dark.
That's been done many, many, many, many, many times though.

There's some other "interesting " and easy to do things. I got this list once, it mentioned peeing on a patch of grass and seeing if it grows differently then regular grass. I wonder who comes up with these things. :toad: