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It's a new game for the Wii, starring Mickey Mouse! It's a game that is kind of a tribute to the classic Disney cartoons, , particularly the ones that don't get much recognition. Recently, Game Informer released an issue covering this game and giving us our first look at what the game truly is:












The characters and ideas all look cool and interesting, including seeing Pete in there, but apparently, the story isn't exactly what EuroGamer made it out to be - that is, instead of Oswald unleashing the Phantom Blot on Mickey's world, Mickey accidentally unleashes the Phantom Blot on Oswald's world. Mickey returns to this word and is captured by the Mad Doctor, from the 1933 cartoon of the same name. He escapes and then... Well, it's kind of up to you from there.

Yes, it seems this game, like many others before it, has this whole "moral choice" theme where you can either act like a good hero or an evil jerk. No offense to the guys making it, but this idea has been played out so many times, it's actually ridiculous to see it here. But then again, I think they were trying to play to how Mickey used to be. I mean, have any of you actually seen Steamboat Willie? He was kind of a bastard, mostly due to abusing animals. In a way, he's kind of like what Donald Duck basically is now, so I guess they wanted to incorporate that into this game. Still, you can choose to be a good Mickey or a bad Mickey, though it's yet to be seen if things can only go either way.
I think they're trying to make Mickey appeal to hardcore gamers. The title already suggests they're trying be cool. This looks a little dark for Disney though. If this gets a T or higher rating, Epic Mickey will be the next Conker's Bad Fur Day.
Super Happy Nerd Time said:
If this gets a T or higher rating, Epic Mickey will be the next Conker's Bad Fur Day.
I doubt it'll be any higher than E10+.
You guys have seen the concept art right? Plus the main guy making this game, Warren Spector, said he didn't want to do a "kids game", which is why he agreed to do it after Disney said they wanted to reinvigorate Mickey. He wanted there to be scary moments in this game, but at the same time, remain faithful to the classic Disney he grew up with.