If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?


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Self-explanatory. Oh, and you're allowed to pick a beverage to go alongside your main meal.

Personally, I've narrowed it down to rice or cheeseburgers. And as far as the beverage goes, that's easy: raspberry iced tea.


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A very wise man once told me that it should be steak tips and a Cesar salad. I disagree, but I don't feel that I am qualified to answer that question at this moment.

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Definitely BBQ chicken pizza. Not sure about the drink, but I'm leaning towards coke cola.


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Right now, I can't think any dish which contains a proper balance between carbohydrates, proteine, minerals, vitamins and what the heck it might be, sorry. But I'll be back.

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I would just say "no I don't, now stop being a complete pillock"

Remember kids, say no to only eating one food for the rest of your life.


If I HAD to, I'd eat tacos along with Diet Cranberry Sierra Mist.


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This is a tough one, but I'm leaning towards what SG27 said. Well, not his drink.

Also: Ugozima: I'm sure you'd eventually die of mercury that way... If you went with sushi.

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Ham sandwiches w/lettuce.

It has, like, all the food groups.