March of the Minis Friend Codes


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Have an awesome level to share with others? Post your friend code here.
Two people must have each other's friend codes registered to send levels via Wi-Fi. To find your friend code, go to:
Construction Zone > Nintendo WFC > WFC Friends > on the top screen, on the left side.

I personally suggest you beat the game and get all of the kits first. :)

Name: Wayoshi with a button A & Y plus a D-pad symbol
Friend Code: 4381-6875-2330


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2 things. 1, Wayoshi could you put some games to download on WI-FC. 2, My code is 1633-1545-0460.(I have levels on there.)


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ShyGuy27 said:
I made an impossible level in Mario vs. DK 2. If you can beat it, you get a cookie.

My FC is 3136-2173-2932
If you think you're up to it, post your FC and download the level "ghost" (not to be confused with "ghosts").

P.S. If, by some miracle, you beat it, don't say how.
I made a whole topic for this, but it's dead. I'm not sure which topic came first, but I'm posting in both.


The Cardinal is dead -- long live The Cardinal!
So he can replace them with more spam. He's been PMing me random crap.