Stupid things that have happened at school

Aiko Heiwa

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Stupid things and school, they go together like chocolate chips and Nerdy Guy.

Last year our teacher said that "Only the perfect humans are flawed and incompetent, and I am a perfect human."

All Hallows Eve last year we could wear a costume if it was school appropriate. I went as Red from Pokemon and was told by the ass of a principal who this year has been replaced with a hot Puerto Rican one that my costume was inappropriate and that the Pokeballs were weapons and they were confiscated.

Bitch took my Pikachu, my Charizard, my Lapras, my Flareon, my Slowbro, and my Clefairy. :'(

You don't take my Pokemon. You battle me for them.
Well this isn't stupid as it is funny, this Friday in Mr. Rosenburg's (Science) my associate Isaac tried to grab me like a hug "for the lulz" and I smacked him away and they way I did looked like I was shanking him and my friend Jason said that it was like I had an invisible shank.

I also had to wear cat ears all day at school that day. I lost a bet, it was worth it.
Princess Jigglypuff said:
I also had to wear cat ears all day at school that day. I lost a bet, it was worth it.
My friend had to wear a collar to school one day because he lost a bet. He wore it the rest of the week because he liked it. At one point he was using his saxophone neckstrap as a leash.
A guy at my school agreed that he'd eat a tablespoon of some damn incredibly spicy chili for 5 crowns (about 80 cents).

For some reason, he wasn't at school the next day. Coincidence? o_O
Back when I was in public school, there was a bunch of random kids standing around a world record book and making crude comments about how some of the girls in the book had some clevlage showing and how some people had "suggestive" face expressions. They were looking at the most people doing CPR at once, when I pointed out how some of the people were men operating on other "men". The kids were stupid and didn't realise that the "guys who were being kissed by other guys" (as they put it) were really CPR dummies. They told a teacher what I said (put into an idiotic summary) and I ended up being yelled at for "innapropriate comments". -_-