What did you last watch on TV?

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I love Cash Cab, it makes me feel smart when I know a question. :P
Anyways, I watched Pokemon last.

Garlic Man

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Phoenix Rider said:
What the @$!& it's Monty Mole.

Hi! :)

Mexico vs. South Africa

Phoenix Rider

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Heh. Hello there. Do I know you? People get name changes so often around here it's hard to tell who's who.

Speaking of the World Cup, the only match I'm going to watch is USA v. England.

Garlic Man

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I'm Marcelagus, formerly known as Garlic Man/Super Luigi Sunshine.

And I'll be watching USA vs. England too. As well as any Japan game I can watch.

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Mr. Doctor Professor Assistant-Governor General Shyguy said:
Wait. Is that Phoenix Rider? Is he still alive?
Like a phoenix itself, rising from the ashes of inactivity, I have always been and will always be alive.


Thank you based god
I don't like Nigeria, but I hate Diego Maradona. Not that I hate Nigeria (Obi Mikel is a good player, too bad he's hurt).

World Cup: England 1-1 USA