solve it while you can


something big is about to happen be ready

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That was SPAM. That was BAD.
What the heck is this?
Dark what the heck is this?
Either it's a vandalism threat or he's about to do something horrible to other people... I can't tell, but I hope it's the former. But seriously, this shouldn't be ignored, I don't think. Can we find the IP address for this guy and do something?
It will only get worse as time passes.

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figure that one out.
*tackles stumpers* I'm gonna check his IP and so and so :P
Dry Bones said:
I don't get darks post :koopa:

I don't like this :twisted: :evil: Dark whatever you're planning..
I know what it is....''I have the khe''....
Sydezkicks, that wasn't necessary. This topic is inactive, and it was made by mistake. Think maybe someone could lock it?