Try ID10T its peachycakes real name :P
"7HO9DI 5Y3 EQ4IH3WW G3R943 697 E83. E3R3Q5 J6 W8W534."

Teehee, I wanna try to see what this says in 1337. xD
"Thogdi sye eqaiheww gergae bgt eBe. Eereqs jg wBwsea"
Woot. xDD
Wayoshi said:
I demand we know Peachycake's real name for future reference, in English, not jibberish.

It's not her name. Geez Washi, you're cranky.
ID 10 t is Idiot :P. But in userscore is says her name is Leila, sorry bad joke...
... Murzon? this ISN'T Peachy's name, right?
Max2 said:
... Murzon? this ISN'T Peachy's name, right?

There are two peachycakes Real = Murzon's little sister.
Hey, look... I ain't tellin' ya my sister's real-life name. Sorry. You could be some sort of psycho maniac who will trace the name to my house and kill me *falls dead* but ah well. Sorry pal, nothing doing.


He double posted! That could be a key... "The second above key"...
Now who's Hillman? Let's take a look...
Hillman's a car. And car is an anagram of arc, which also means bow in French. Link has a bow. Therefore, "Legend of Zelda" is the answer of the code.